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Who We Are

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Our Contribution to Society

Our services are utilized by a wide range of industries, including not only globally renowned corporations, but also small-to-medium-sized companies, municipal offices, and public agencies. It is our hope that by working closely with our clients we can have a positive impact on the economy and promote a better standard of product for end consumers.

Environmental Policy

INTAGE sees environmental protection as a corporate social responsibility and engages in the following activities to reduce environmental burdens.

  1. We conduct environmental protection activities on an ongoing basis, positioning our environmental management system as part of our total management system.
  2. We work to minimize the use of resources and energy in all of our activities. To minimize the use of paper, we digitize information and use IT devices wherever possible.
  3. We work to minimize final waste by separating waste for recycling and using environment-friendly, recyclable resources for our facilities, materials, and equipment.
  4. We promote environmental protection activities throughout society and conduct ongoing systematic training.

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