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Who We Are


Japan's Top Marketing Research Firm

1 We are the largest in Asia

We are the largest market researcher in Japan in terms of sales, number of employees, and scale of operations. Our proven marketing research fundamentals, advanced solutions technology, and forefront tools in IT have earned us the deep trust of clients from Japan and around the world.

2 We are the de facto standard

The marketing data provided by the INTAGE Group is the de facto standard used in numerous industries in Japan. We provide indispensable data for our clients' management teams as they make decisions and design competitive strategies.

3 We are the specialists our clients need

INTAGE offers top-caliber expertise in wide-ranging fields. Our specialists are dedicated to the pursuit of genuine solutions, new discoveries, and the highest levels of quality. We at the INTAGE Group never fail to see things from client perspectives while providing solutions of value to inform our clients' decisions.

4 We are committed to work-life balance

At INTAGE we maintain comfortable, healthy, and productive working spaces. The INTAGE Group was the first in the industry to adopt a comprehensive "free address" system, allowing office layouts to be instantly reconfigured for optimal communication and productivity. We provide environment-friendly workspaces and offer our employees a telecommuting program and other benefits to support work-life balance.

5 We are the INTAGE Group

As Team INTAGE, our group organically links the specializations and resources of all its member companies. This enables us to approach our business as an Intelligence Provider with a globally unique business model that combines marketing research with systems solutions. For create consumer-centric values, we provide specialized solutions and insight into durable and consumer goods, services, healthcare, and many other industries.

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