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Market Data Report

Health Foods/ Supplement Market Report 2014

Japanese Health Foods/ Supplement Market Report 2014  For Comprehensive Understanding of Japanese Market

March 06, 2015

Providing a compass to survive to predict market changes toward a new era.

The Japanese Health Foods/ Supplement market * is hard to grasp due to a number of factors; it lacks transparency, and communication between manufacturers and consumers tends to be limited to the exchange of product "images." Nevertheless, Health Foods/ Supplement plays an important role—along with OTC drugs—in the realm of "self-care". Also with the expectation for the market to expand due to the new function claim system, which will be enacted the spring of 2015, the market is gaining much attention not only in Japan but overseas as well.
With the increasing demand for understanding the area to get actionable insight, INTAGE Inc. conducted the survey by segmenting the market in accordance with ;
Consumers' own usage objectives : health benefits , and ingredients,
Along with the user profile, buying factors, and potential/actual market size of each segment.
The findings are brought together under the guidance and supervision of Takeshi Takeda, director of the Global Nutrition Group, Inc., an expert on the health foods/ supplement industry.

Survey design (Conducted in September 2014)

  Total Market Overview User Profiling
Scope Nationwide survey of 50,000 individual on health- and beauty-related perceptions and behavior. Survey on product purchase, usage, and perceptions, targeting 10,000 of individuals who indicated in the screening survey that they "currently use the Health Foods/ Supplements", taking into account the age and gender ratios of the population.
Respondent Criteria Male and female individuals aged 15-79 Male and female individuals aged 15-79 who currently uses the Health Foods/ Supplements
Sampling Frame INTAGE Internet Monitor, nationwide INTAGE Internet Monitor (Extract those who meets the criteria from A.)
Sample size 49,029s 10,541s
Contents 223 pages of full colored graphs and analysis, that covers the details below:
Market Size Actual/and Potential,
Health conditions, Awareness & Understanding of Ingredients and Their Effects.
Purchased product/ Usage/ Channel distribution/ Perceptions of Health Foods,
Mainly-Used Product Analysis by 48 Health Benefit Category and 60 Ingredient,

* "Health Food/ Dietary Supplements" are defined as follows:

  • Tablets, capsules, powder, granules, liquid, or jelly-type substances that allow one to conveniently ingest ingredients/nutrients that are effective, or tend to be lacking in one’s daily diet, for health, beauty, and/or dieting purposes.


Report (PDF) Additional Tabulation (Excel)
300,000 JPY On request

Health Benefits and Ingredients Covered

Health Benefits

【48 Health Benefits】
General Health Vitality Improvement of physical condition Sexual health
Anti-fatigue Cold/ flu prevention/improvement Height/ Weight growth  NEW Bone health
Joint health Muscle strengthening Stiff/ painful neck/shoulder/ lower back Neuralgia improvement
Hair growth, treatment of hair loss Cognitive, brain health Eye health (excl. "dry eye" treatment) "Dry eye" treatment
Bad breath improvement Oral ulcer Taste disorder Diarrhea prevention/ alleviation
Digestive health Urinary health PMS/ menstrual pain alleviation Swelling
Oversensitivity to cold Anti-oxidant/ Anti-aging Cancer Expectant mother/ Fetus health  NEW
Nursing mother/ baby health  NEW Menopause Blood circulation improvement Anemia prevention/improvement
Skin beauty/ skin care Body odor improvement Hay fever/ allergy Anti-stress
Insomnia/ Sleep disorder Energy enhancement Nutritional balance Supplementation of specific nutrients
Blood pressure Controlling blood-sugar level Suppressing body fat Lever health
Health blood Weight loss Slimming  


【60 ingredients】
Vitamin B complex Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E
Multi-vitamins Multi-mineral Zinc Calcium  NEW
Iron  NEW Alpha-lipoic acid Amino acid Hyaluronic acid
Lactic acid/ Bifidobacterium Kefir Beer yeast  NEW Enzyme  NEW
Forlc acid DNA /RNA (Nucleic acid) DHA/EPA Ornithine
Glucosamine/ Chondroitin Collagen Citrulline Squalene
Ceramide Placenta Protein Lactoferrin  NEW
L-Carnitine Green vegitable juice Agaricus Aloe
Oyster Ginkgo biloba Turmeric  NEW Garcinia cambogia
Gymnemic acid Chlorella Mulberry leaf Sesame/ sesamin
Soy isoflavone Pomegranate Ginger Vinegar
Chinese soft-shell turtle Spirulina Garlic Noni
Rose Blueberry/ Bilberry Propolis Maca
Royal jelly Dietary fiber  NEW Coenzyme Q10 Lutein (Marigold)  NEW
Astaxanthin Polyphenol  NEW Resveratrol Forskohlii (ForsLean)  NEW
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