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Eye Tracking Survey

Support for marketing using line-of-sight information

By quantitatively measuring eye movements, it tells you in what order and for how long each item was looked at in a visually easy-to-understand output.

What Eye Tracking Survey Tells You

It tells you whether the person “looked or didn’t look at it”

Heat maps and scanpaths allow you to find out whether the person “looked or didn’t look” at it.

It tells you “how the person looked at it”

With the scanpath line, you can find out “how they looked at it.”

It tells you “how long they looked at it”

By zoning a particular area, it becomes possible to quantitatively handle movements into and out of the zone as data.

It tells you the “reason for eye behavior”

By conducting interviews using video clips showing eye movement, you can reproduce the eye behavior which the subjects themselves don’t remember, allowing you to identify the reason for the eye behavior.

How to use Eye Tracking Survey

Shelf / Package Test

By reproducing the actual purchasing site, you can get a glimpse of the real improvement plan. In this way, we can assist you with the formulation of a specific marketing action plan and help brush it up with eye movements in mind.

On top of the video picture the subject was watching,
eye movement (red line)
and the duration of time it stayed there (size of the circle)
will be displayed.

You can visually see where the eye was drawn to.

Research on paper-based advertisements

By analyzing the advertisement understanding process in conjunction with visual information, we help you to improve your paper-based advertisements, verify their effectiveness, and carry out creative activities.

Graphically displays the place being looked at and how.

Website Usability

Based on the order that items were looked at as well as how long they were looked at, we identify the factors which contribute to drawing the attention of the eye line. In this way, we help you formulate effective and specific website improvement plans based on eye movements and then brushing them up, etc.

We measure the order in which items are looked at and how long the eye stayed there, and further investigate the reasons for this behavior by way of an interview.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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