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Image Collection Service

A service for receiving photographic images which were taken by the subject as part of the questionnaire.

Catering for such tasks

Can be collected via our usual questionnaire screen

Since you can receive images as responses to questions displayed on our usual questionnaire screen, this can be done at a reasonable cost.

Receiving up to 3,000 images

It’s possible to collect up to 3,000 images per survey

Catering for multiple devices

Can be received either on computer or smartphone

Value provided

You can collect realistic consumer information at a reasonable cost
By having photographic information, you can have a more detailed, in-depth understanding of the consumer. In addition, this is an effective way to share the images among stakeholders.

Screen image/Delivery example

Use cases

Discover the actual situation in detail
E.g. inside the fridge, around the washing machine, how things are stored in the wardrobe, how the product is being used, and so on
Collect ideas
E.g. personally tailored cooking recipes using XXX or car interior decoration, etc.
Select subjects for qualitative research
E.g. check the model number of home appliances, check for a sense of coordination when you want to select fashion-conscious subjects, and so on


We can give you a quote according to your specific requirements, for example, number of people required and the required participant conditions, etc.
Please feel free to contact us.

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