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“Kimaru AI”
(Package design optimization with AI)

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This service is to determine the design that is preferred by consumers from more than 1 million combinations of design materials, using the evaluation of consumer survey as well as deep learning and optimization technology with AI.

<Do you have these issues?>
- We can't narrow down the design ideas to be evaluated in the consumer survey!
- We have no idea in which direction to proceed with the package design of our new products ...
- We want the design to attract new consumer segments for package renewal while maintaining the existing brand image ...
- There is not much time, so we would like to decide detailed design at once!

If at least one of these applies, please consider introducing "Kimaru AI". We propose for resolving the problems.


*This service was jointly developed by INTAGE Inc. and DOCOMO InsightMarketing, INC.

Characteristics 1: Explore the optimal idea from over 1 million combinations!

If only you prepare multiple layout ideas and design parts, you can explore the optimal design from the thousands to millions of combinations, so you don't have to refine your designs beforehand.
From narrowing down the design direction to combining design parts in detail, you can find the optimal design in a single survey.

A conventional package evaluation survey, where we can test only a few design ideas is not suitable if the design ideas are not narrowed down yet or if you are not confident about the refined design ideas you have prepared.


Characteristics 2: AI learns, predicts, and creates designs based on actual evaluation by consumers!

AI and optimization technology (genetic algorithm and deep learning) enables combining and creating designs based on actual survey evaluation by consumers.

By repeatedly letting AI learn and create new images based on survey evaluation, the design will evolve to a reflection of the target’s preferences.
In addition to AI’s prediction and optimization technology, the method is also based on the actual survey evaluation by consumers about the design generated by AI, so you can explore design ideas that reliably reflect target’s preferences.
Moreover, by dividing into segments to evolve in each, you can grasp the different preferences and optimal designs depending on the target audience.


Characteristics 3: Rank the results! You can understand the preferred design down to the details!

In addition to the image file of the final design ideas, we will deliver outputs that show the ranked results of each generation from 1st to 5th.
You can recognize the trend of what combination of parts is preferred, thereby saving you time and energy for further brushing up the design.


Application scene 1: Package design of new products

- We are developing new products targeted at new segments for our company
- We are communicating with the designer about candidate designs, but we are not sure if the candidates are good enough to test the direction.


<What you can do with Kimaru AI>
By surveying the target audience, the design will evolve based on the survey evaluation, so you can directly reflect the target's preference in the design!
Since there is no need to narrow down the design ideas to be evaluated, if there are multiple directions, just make the directions survey targets! You can understand which direction the target audience prefers best, as well as the detailed design combinations.

Application scene 2: Package renewal of existing products

- We are considering package renewal of existing products
- We would like to explore design directions for maintaining the brand image, while improving the purchase intention of existing customers and new targets.


By dividing into existing customers and new targets to evolve the design, it is possible to grasp the optimum design for each.
By adding the evaluation of another index such as suitability for the brand image to consumers’ purchase intention, the design ideas of final generation can be evaluated by the two axes, providing you with balanced design ideas.

Application scene 3: Localization of design for overseas markets

- On expanding our products overseas, we would like to change the design to suit each country’s preference
- We find it difficult to grasp what kind of design the consumers in each country prefer


By surveying the consumers in each country with the help of INTAGE’s Asian Panel, you can explore the designs reflecting local preferences.
By understanding the finally created images as well as the process of design pattern evolution from 1st to 5th generation and the evaluations, you can clarify the preference and characteristics of designs by country, which can help you develop new products in the future.

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