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What We Do

What We Do

INTAGE considers consumer insight the cornerstone to providing value for clients. As a specialist in information, we provide solutions based on the "cyclic marketing theory" in order to become the firm that understands consumers better than anyone else.
INTAGE is evolving to provide clients with a suite of services in tune with the pulse of consumer sentiment and the ever-changing environments of its clients.

  • Visualization of consumer information/purchase behavior, combined with marketing measures in general and their cyclic flow
  • New research/information implementation platforms
  • Support with the deployment of cyclic marketing measures

INTAGE creates a research and marketing platform for the future to ensure mutual identification and co-creation between consumers and companies.

Cyclic marketing and what INTAGE delivers

Pre-Launch Solutions

360-degree Solutions

Pre-purchase Solutions

Post-purchase Solutions

At-purchase Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

The INTAGE Group provides marketing research, business solutions, and solution-based clinical research services for CRO and clinical drug development in the healthcare industry, serving as an outsourcing partner of pharmaceutical companies for drug development.

Outline of Healthcare Solutions Service

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