INTAGE's Excellence

INTAGE USA's Service Excellence


Support from the largest market research company in Japan, but we operate like a “Boutique” firm in the US.
Enables INTAGE USA to offer the “Full service for Effective research with Quality” to clients.

Flexibility and Responsiveness
Every team member plays an important role in ensuring project success

Senior-Level Attention
Senior-level team members are engaged throughout the research

Industry Specialization
Vast experience from both the Japanese and US markets help ensure all project stakeholders are adequately supported

Data Management Technology & Analysis

By combining our data technology and consumer understanding, our analysts are able to provide reporting with meaningful insights which directly support the customer’s research objectives.

UP to date Technology

Facial Compass
-analyzing the intuitive facial expressions

Facial Compass Image

Eye tracking Survey
-Track & record the respondent’s eye movement

Eye tracking Image

Data Management

Lyche-Epoch Logo
-INTAGE’s data-tabulation software.
-Enable the streamlining of data analysis operations with a wealth of functions including the graphic output and regression analysis.
Output image of Lyche-Epoch


Data Activation: Enhance the value of the marketing data. By our technology & knowledge of information processing. 360 Degree Understanding of Consumers: Grasp every aspect of consumer behaviors from the result from quantitative and qualitative research.
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