Experience Across Multiple Methodologies

Experience Across Multiple Methodologies

Our research planner will choose the best research method (or combining the multiple methods) depends on the client’s marketing objectives.
We have vast experience in the US market for implementing all types of research methods, which includes quantitative, qualitative , data analysis and non-verbal researches.


  • Online research
  • Central LocationTesting
  • Event/ Auto Show survey
  • Telephone survey
  • Shopping mall intercept


  • Focus Group
  • IDI/Ethnography
  • Industry Expert Interviews
  • Online interview


  • In-house Conjoint Models
  • In-house Data Analysis/Tabulation Software

Industry Expertise

While Automotive research is our most specialized area of expertise, we have extensive experiences to work for other industries (Food/Beverages, Electric appliances, Cosmetics, Media studies, etc.) as well.

Automotive projects

  • Exterior/Interior Design study
  • Dynamic Drive Study
  • Functionality study
  • Motorshow interview
  • Purchase behavior study
  • 2D/3D Concept Evaluation

Fast moving consumer goods / Media projects

  • Food / Beverages: Sampling test
  • Electric appliances: Product clinic
  • Cosmetics: Sampling / Concept check
  • Media: Advertisement evaluation and plenty of others

Asian region research project

Cooperate with the INTAGE Group’s 10 Asian branch offices, we can literally conduct any types of marketing research methodologies in any countries from the Asian region.

Map of Asian region research project

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