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Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement

Active participation of women in the workplace

When the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace came into force, the percentage of women in managerial positions at INTAGE Inc. was 16.67%. Now, this percentage has increased to 22.95%.
If we include women in specialist positions not engaged in line management (collectively referred to as “executive positions” at INTAGE Inc.), the percentage is 25.10%, or one in four employees.
Not only are women employed as divisional heads (referred to as “Group Leaders” at INTAGE Inc.), others are also actively involved as group managers, general managers, and directors.

There are also a number of female employees serving as Group Leaders while raising children.
The Group Leader of the Human Resources Group, for instance, is actively involved at work while raising children at home.

Looking at the ratio of new female recruits over the past five years, this has ranged from a low of one in three new employees to a high of twice the number of new male recruits.
Marketing research is one of the core areas of business at INTAGE Inc., and is an occupation in which employees can play an active role regardless of gender.
Although some of the products we handle may be oriented to males and some to females, there are no gender-based differences in our actual business operations.
If anything, female employees have perhaps a stronger customer point of view.

At INTAGE Inc., there are absolutely no gender-based differences in employment conditions.

  • Employment
  • Salary
  • Promotion
  • Appointment to executive positions

There are no gender differences in:


Almost all employees who are having or have had a baby return to work after taking maternity/childcare leave (over 90%), and play active roles at work while utilizing our system of reduced working hours for parenting.
This has been commonplace at INTAGE Inc. ever since the active participation of women in the workplace was first advocated long ago.

Some male employees also take childcare leave, enabling them to cooperate with their partners in raising their children.
At INTAGE Inc., it is also perfectly acceptable for male employees to leave work early to pick up their children from preschool.
Naturally, the same goes for female employees leaving work early.

INTAGE Inc. offers the following programs to assist employees with childcare:

  • Flextime program
  • Work take-home program
  • Approval to start late/finish early within the core hours of the flextime program
  • Employees can take childcare leave up until March 31 immediately after the child turns 1 year old (or until the child turns 1 year and 6 months in unavoidable cases)
  • Employees can also utilize the work-at-home program

In this way, INTAGE Inc. has developed a working environment in which female employees can continue to work without being concerned about their stage in life.

* Figures are current as of May 31, 2017

Analysis of present situation and action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

March 23, 2016

1. Present situation at INTAGE Inc.

(1) Percentage of new female employees

General positions
Contract/temporary positions

(2) Average length of continuous service

General positions (male)
8.63 years
General positions (female)
7.48 years
Executive positions (male)
16.18 years
Executive positions (female)
17.41 years
Contract/temporary positions (male)
3.27 years
Contract/temporary positions (female)
2.17 years

(3) Average overtime worked each month

FY 2016 actual (hours)
FY totalAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFeb
General positions (male) 236.07 24.56 20.45 30.37 22.80 14.88 15.81 23.69 24.49 19.62 15.72 22.54
General positions (female) 163.00 17.16 15.53 21.74 15.99 11.23 12.93 19.01 17.92 14.35 12.46 16.06
Executive positions (male) 257.80 26.66 19.97 30.55 23.66 11.71 20.55 27.35 22.16 15.44 15.52 23.40
Executive positions (female) 273.06 29.81 17.45 31.18 21.06 15.54 20.16 28.98 29.09 16.25 15.79 16.72
Contract/temporary positions (male) 138.75 17.09 12.16 21.42 18.63 10.06 9.23 13.23 18.81 10.46 7.91 10.84
Contract/temporary positions (female) 62.97 5.54 3.66 8.45 4.80 2.46 5.08 9.14 8.14 3.79 2.87 9.03
Total 202.19 21.37 17.70 26.24 19.59 12.59 14.91 21.79 21.19 16.27 13.85 19.37

(4) Percentage of executive positions held by females

Percentage of females
22.95% as of May 2017 (16.67% as of March 2016) (Industry average: 6.90%)

2. Action plan

  • (1)
    Action plan period: April 1, 2016–March 31, 2021
  • (2)
    Goal: Raise the percentage of executive positions held by females to at least 25%
  • (3)
    Initiative: Starting in fiscal 2016, through superiors, promote female employees to take the executive appointment test