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President’s Message

Working Together with Clients in Marketing to Deliver Satisfaction to Consumers

Today, the world of marketing can be said to be at a critical turning point as every action by consumers and how it is taken is gathered in data, made possible by the rapid development of digital technologies. We are faced with the challenges of how to utilize people-based data in business and pursue personalized products and services. Additionally, amid such situation, we are challenged to create marketing communications that develop brands, increase brand value, have brands correctly understood and loved by consumers, and lead to business growth. In a complex and rapidly changing environment, I strongly feel the clients’ need for a partner company that can contribute to renovating their marketing PDCA cycle through the integration of big data utilization and consumer understanding.

Since INTAGE was established in 1960, all the employees at the company have borne in mind the need to connect our clients to consumers to always deliver satisfaction to our clients and the consumers that follow and create a prosperous society of limitless possibilities. Founded on our skills to evaluate information and understand consumers and clients based on our research knowhow, data analytics capability, and data systematization technology, fostered through almost 60 years of business, INTAGE currently ranks first in Japan’s marketing research industry and provides marketing support to over 5,000 companies in Japan and throughout the world.

We shall continue to contribute to solving our clients’ business challenges taking advantage of the Four Strengths of INTAGE.

  • 1.
    360-degree Understanding of Consumers:
    INTAGE has the power to understand every aspect of its consumers. By offering data and research platforms which enable us to have a 360-degree understanding of consumers in terms of purchase of products, use of services, exposure to media, behavior, and feelings, we offer a wide range of in-depth consumers insights.
  • 2.
    Data Activation:
    We have the capacity to enhance the value of the data held by our clients. By taking advantage of our knowhow of research design and data with market representativeness, INTAGE presses forward data activation that enhances the value of the data held by our clients. By activating big data into common language among industries, INTAGE strives to contribute to forming a marketing ecosystem that connects manufacturing and service companies, companies in the distribution and retail, and advertising and media industries.
  • 3.
    Marketing PDCA Support:
    INTAGE has the capacity to support all phases of the marketing PDCA cycle from identifying challenges to providing solutions. We provide support not only in areas of research and data analysis, but also in areas related to the satisfaction of consumers.
  • 4.
    Connecting Different Industries from a Neutral Position:
    INTAGE is able to represent the consumers’ voice from a neutral position and connect our clients across different industries. By providing common indexes across different industries as typified by panel data, we create a valuable flow of information and contribute to the development of industry as a whole.

We at INTAGE shall make further challenges and efforts, not being content with our current position, to sincerely face the task of contributing to our clients’ business. INTAGE wishes to bring happiness to all people through the power of information. We hope you will look forward to INTAGE’s future activities.

Ayumi Higaki
President and Representative Director