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President’s Message

Create Consumer-centric Values
Support the marketing activities of our corporate customers and work together to realize the wellbeing of consumers.

With the use of digital devices having become popular and various types of consumer behavior data now being made available, the digitalization of marketing activities has taken advantage and has accelerated.
This doesn't just mean the development of a data-based visualization process. The popularization of digital devices not only brings about changes in the way people are exposed to information, but also impacts on their purchasing consciousness and behavior; as a result, consumers are becoming more and more diversified and media-conscious. In a situation where information technology and consumers have both been evolving at an exponential rate in a complex relationship, I strongly feel that all companies are doubling their efforts toward further digitalization.

INTAGE, since its foundation in 1960, has been developing and improving such data, research, and the platforms which support them that allow us to have a 360-degree understanding of consumers. Through our human resources and solutions that can support all phases of the marketing PDCA cycle from searching for market opportunities and identification of challenges, through to actual solutions, we are supporting the marketing activities of more than 5,000 companies. We are particularly proud of the fact that a number of our corporate customers are utilizing our panel survey as an index for measuring different shopping situations and/or the level of exposure to advertisements. As we work toward further digitalization of the marketing processes, INTAGE will take up the challenge to provide support for speedy decision making based on an accurate understanding of the market by further enriching the data we hold as well as our research methods.

Furthermore, we are now also focused on the utilization of big data in marketing activities. INTAGE has been engaged in "data activation" which, by taking advantage of our research design experience as well as utilizing data which represents characteristic markets, we can enhance the value of the data held by our corporate customers. By "activating" the big data held by respective industries and forming a common language across different industries, we are trying to contribute to the formation of a marketing eco-system which connects manufacturers/service providers, distributors/retailers, and media/advertising companies.

INTAGE, by deliberately staying with consumers and delivering the "consumers' voice" from a neutral position, will continue to support the marketing PDCA cycle of our corporate customers. Furthermore, by contributing to the development of industry as a whole by connecting the respective industries with information, we would like to realize the wellbeing of existing consumers. We will try not to be content with the fact that we are industry leaders; instead, we will continue taking up further challenges and making more efforts. I am sure that we will also be able to meet your expectations in the future.

Noriaki Ishizuka
President and Representative Director