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Strengths of INTAGE

Track record of INTAGE

  • Position in the industry

    Top in Japan
    Ninth worldwide

  • Sales trend

    Over the last 24 quarters
    Continuous growth

  • Number of business customers

    Over 5,000 companies

  • Customer industries

    Over 65 industries

Established in 1960

Focused on the trends of a rapidly developing consumer society,
INTAGE was born in 1960 as a pioneer marketing research company.

Four powers of INTAGE

understanding of Consumers

INTAGE has a power to grasp every aspect of consumers. By offering data research platforms which enable us to have 360-degree understanding of consumers in terms of purchase of products, use of services, exposure to media, behaviors, and feelings, we offer wide range of in-depth consumer insights.


We have the capacity to enhance the value of the data held by our corporate customers. By taking advantage of wealth of data held by our company and the knowhow of information processing, we convert the big data into data that are useful for marketing.

PDCA Support

INTAGE has the capacity to support all phases of the marketing PDCA cycle from identifying challenges to providing solutions. We provide support not only in areas of research and data analysis, but also in areas where you are trying to realize the happiness of consumers.

Connecting different industries
From a neutral position

INTAGE is able to represent the "consumers voice" from a neutral position and connect our corporate customers from different industries. By providing common indexes across different industries, we create a valuable "flow of information" and contribute to the development of industry as a whole.

Theme-by-theme panel

INTAGE provides “topic-by-topic panels” i.e. those attributes that are concerned with a range of themes such as automobiles,
financial products, nursing care, and recent events in the preceding three months.
It’s possible to conduct a survey of selected targets who have been picked out effectively and accurately.