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Virtual Home Visit

Virtual Home Visit is a website-type service that allows you to view the residences of consumers all over the world with 360-degree images, allowing you to visit homes of consumers in remote places virtually.
By observing the real life of the target consumers through Virtual Home Visit, you can get a lot of insight when planning and developing new product for overseas and domestic customers.

Experience Virtual Home Visit!

You can virtually visit a household of 30's double-income couple living in Kanagawa from here (external site)Open new window.

Image of Virtual Home Visit

Features of Virtual Home Visit

Converting all visible information into image data,
you can experience consumers’ life space realistically

For Virtual Home Visit, Intage visits existing homes in Japan and abroad to shoot the rooms using a dedicated 360-degree camera, then3D layout, 2D layout, and 360-degree images of each room are reproduced based on the captured images. You can browse on the website at any time; information such as furniture, home appliances such as air conditioners and TVs, lighting, water supply facilities such as toilets and kitchens, interiors, and parking lots of detached houses.
Virtual Home Visit also shows you the dimensions of each room such as the height, width, and depth, so you can experience living space without actual visit to the consumers’ house.

Browse the housing environment of consumers around the world

Intage provides Virtual Home Visit membership database that allows you to freely view the housing environment around the world at your hand. You can visit our demo site from hereOpen link in new window. Residences from a total of 12 countries including Japan, the United States, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and India are registered in the database (as of August 2021). The database is planned to be expanded in the future, and it will be possible to browse the living environment of consumers around the world.

Browse the target user's housing environment

It is also possible to conduct an ad-hoc Virtual Home Visit, which customizes the survey respondents according to the client's request. You can browse the home environment of your target users, such as your own or competing users, via website.
In addition, videos and images of the scenes in which users using your own products or places storing them can be linked to the layout of the house. It is possible to follow the actual situation of where and how they are using your product.

Example) Inside the washstand shelf

Image of Inside the washstand shelf

Find insight in combination with various research methods

  1. 1) By conducting Virtual Home Visit after the fieldwork of normal home visit survey and sharing 360-degree images at your internal report meeting, participants who have not actually visited the house can also get insight.
  2. 2) By conducting Virtual Home Visit prior to remote interviews (WEB interviews) or group interviews, you can ask them questions while looking at the 360-degree screen together with the consumers. It will help you to gain a greater understanding of consumers.

How to utilize Virtual Home Visit

Development of products and services that match the lifestyle of the target user

By grasping the living space from the perspective of the target user and deepening the understanding of consumers about what size of equipment they are using and what kind of design they prefer, it will lead to create ideas for developing new products, services or design.

Application for offices and car interior

By utilizing Virtual Home Visit technology, we can grasp the actual use of spaces such as “in the car” and “in the office” and lead to develop products and services enrich the space.

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