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1960 Founded as Marketing Intelligence Corporation (MiC)
Started SDI (Nationwide General-Use Pharmaceutical Product Panel Survey)
Started customized research
1963 Commenced systems solutions business
1964 Started SCI (Nationwide Panel Survey on Household Consumption)


1977 Started SLI (Nationwide Female Consumer Panel Survey)


1981 Began project dealing with transition to POS
1988 Began project to switch to SCI “home scanning”


1992 Started SCI Scanning System
1994 Started SRI (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)
1999 Started online surveys
Established first overseas office (Shanghai, China)


2001 Changed company name to INTAGE Inc.
Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
2005 Opened the INTAGE Akihabara Building
Relocated Headquarters
Started Personal-eye
2008 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Started Cue Monitors
2009 Assigned to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


2010 Celebrated 50th anniversary
Started SCI-personal (Nationwide Consumer Panel Survey)
Established THE INTAGE WAY
2012 Established DOCOMO InsightMarketing, INC. as joint venture with NTT DOCOMO, INC.
Started mobile research via smartphones
2013 Established INTAGE Bunkatsu Junbi Kaisha KK (INTAGE Split-off Preparation Company Inc.) in April. Following transition of INTAGE Inc. (currently INTAGE HOLDINGS) to holding company in October, INTAGE Bunkatsu Junbi Kaisha KK succeeded business through business divestiture, and changed trade name to INTAGE Inc.
Started i-SSP (INTAGE Single Source Panel)
2014 Started Mighty Survey Monitors
Changed SCI-personal to SCI
StartedOpen link in new window“di-PiNK” data management platform
2016 Established THE INTAGE GROUP WAY