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Apparel & Fashion

The Apparel & Fashion industry is currently facing the need to deal with various issues and speed up its decision-making due to such factors as diversification and rapid changes in consumer tastes. The INTAGE Group offers multifaceted support to help clients make quick decisions, grow their brands and conduct new businesses by conducting data analysis on brand strategy (brand shift) and understanding consumers from 360 degrees (consumer first), and also by offering solutions using a variety of research methods in order to deal with the various marketing issues in the Apparel & Fashion industry.

Mighty Monitor Access Panel
million people
Number of brand action supplementary survey respondents
Approx. 30,000 people
Track record of brands for which surveys were conducted
Approx. 250 companies

Characteristics of INTAGE

One of the largest survey respondent resources in Japan

The large number of survey respondent resources means that uncommon samples can be extracted. We will help you fully understand the actual conditions surrounding any marketing issues, regardless of whether they are for the mass or niche market. Can also be combined with a subpanel that asks about the current status (events in the past 3 months and plans for the next 3 months), for instance.

Visualize consumers’ behavior information

By combining each consumer’s Media Exposure Log with their questionnaire results, you will be able to understand both their online and offline behavior information, from the consideration process they go through before the purchase to the sharing of information after the purchase. This can be used to plan ads, improve your website and for other purposes.

Brand Health Diagnosis

Just as people get a health diagnosis periodically, a brand also needs a periodic health diagnosis. We conduct periodic inspections of brand loyalty (strengths) that core users of the brand are looking for and should not be changed, as well as brand equity (assets) for attracting new customers, in addition to presenting action items for the future.

Store evaluation

Evaluations when using a store is an important point in the formation of loyalty. We will help you make improvements by delivering an understanding of the gap between customer service (CS) surveys and employee surveys (ES), and by identifying any issues through such steps as the Mystery Shopper, in which one of our researchers disguised as an ordinary customer visits the store to evaluate its customer service and other items.

Do you face any of these challenges?

You haven’t been taking measures by understanding consumer needs and purchase channels.

You don’t have an understanding of your brand recognition or brand image.

Your understanding of your customers is insufficient so you don’t know what areas are making a contribution.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

Using our wealth of consumer data, we clarify the brand’s customer structure and brand assets in order to measure how much the brand’s peripheral factors are contributing to brand loyalty. In addition, we provide a broad range of support from the planning stage to the execution of marketing by conducting conventional questionnaires and interviews, such as using qualitative methods to extract the experiences that led to brand loyalty, and analysis based on understanding consumers from 360 degrees which includes consumer media exposure logs and location information.

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We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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