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The INTAGE Group has for many years supported the marketing activities of clients in the Automobile industry. In Japan and overseas, we have a solid track record in research and we have many researchers with lots of experience. We provide optimum solutions for our clients’ business that keep pace with the changing environment in the Automobile industry in recent years.

Automobile purchase database
Approx. 2.2 million people
Annual results
More than 200 cases
We have a track record in
approximately 36 countries

Characteristics of INTAGE

Support for marketing activities using the automobile purchase database (Car-kit®)

By combining the database of monthly automobile purchaser surveys and INTAGE’s stock data, we are able to gain a broad understanding of consumers and deliver optimum solutions for each value chain.

A strong track record in surveys for the automobile model development process

We can provide support in various ways for each of the different phases of automobile development, such as basis research, planning/development and design evaluation. This will allow you to collect the basic data necessary for development, including automobile-user usage status, an understanding of their values and design preferences.

Japan-quality surveys can be conducted overseas

You can conduct surveys overseas of the same quality as those conducted in Japan. Together with our local units or local partners, we combine local insights with Japanese know-how to help you resolve local business issues.

Personnel with lots of experience

We have many researchers with lots of experience conducting surveys for the automobile industry. We don’t just conduct surveys but rather tap into our strong track record and longstanding know-how to help clients resolve their marketing issues.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Ahead of a model redesign, you would like to collect basic data such as usage status of the users and usage evaluations.
  • Ahead of the next model redesign, you would like to conduct development by taking into account user evaluations, such as model concept evaluations, design receptivity and car clinics.
  • Ahead of the launch of a new model, you would like to present the optimal advertisements efficiently to your target.
  • You’d like to take an approach that leads to the building of sustainable relationships with users through the dealerships after they purchase.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

Various solutions for the value chain

Service proposal

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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