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Car-kit®(car panel)

Car-kit represents syndicated data of automobile information for the previous month collected from approximately 700,000 people monthly.
It’s comprised of two parts: a survey for understanding market trends, such as cars currently owned and plans for the next car, and a subscriber survey, which asks subscribers questions about purchase triggers and important points when purchasing.
In addition, the responses each month are stored. You can always select survey targets based on the latest response information.

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Characteristics of the Car-kit

One of the largest samples in Japan

We have secured data from approximately 700,000 people monthly by sending questionnaires to survey respondents of INTAGE and partners.
Data for those living outside the big cities and young people is available.

Understand market trends quickly

You will quickly be able to understand market trends because the previous month’s automobile purchase information is collected every month.
We will help optimize your marketing PDCA cycle.

Follow-up surveys done quickly and efficiently

You will be able to conduct follow-up surveys to supplement any details that you couldn’t understand from the standard questions.
By selecting different subjects from Car-kit, you can quickly and efficiently conduct surveys which cover specific models from your company or from your competitors.

Acquire accurate model information

Normally, getting accurate model information is difficult using questionnaire surveys, but using INTAGE’s automobile database will enable you to get model information which included not only the manufacturer, model name and body type, but also other relevant details such as the purchased year, engine type and drive system. Multi-device compatible.

Case studies of using the Car-kit

Take the next steps quickly through fixed-point observations and comparisons with competitors.

Since the surveys are conducted monthly, you’ll be able to confirm any trends using the data.
In addition, you’ll be able to see data not only for your models but also for comparisons with other competitors’ models.

Conduct follow-up surveys quickly & and efficiently using the Car-kit DB

Using Car-kit DB will enable you to conduct the main survey quickly and efficiently without any need to conduct a screening survey.
You’ll be able to conduct surveys on your own company’s models as well as make comparisons with surveys on those who don’t own a car and surveys covering competitors’ models, for instance.

Send messages to the target group efficiently using Car-kit × di-PiNK®

Using Car-kit data to extract the characteristics of the target group instead of the usual estimates allows more precise targeting.
We can categorize target segments based on the wealth of automobile information available.
You can approach the targets more efficiently by sending advertisements to ordinary consumers with those attributes and online behavior similar to the survey respondents which belong to each segment.

Flow of ad distribution using Car-kit × di-PiNK


Understand the target with Car-kit × Profiler

In addition to the Car-kit, INTAGE also holds a great deal of information that could help you understand consumers, such as purchase data for home appliances and consumer goods, consumers’ hobbies/tastes/lifestyles, as well as their values and emotions.
Combining this data will enable you to understand the image of the users more deeply.
In addition, it can also help in narrowing down targets and creating points of contact. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about this.

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