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Energy & Housing

Right now, people’s lives and lifestyles are about to change dramatically.
Aiming to realize a more Earth-friendly lifestyle, the Japanese government has announced its target "to make net zero energy houses standard by 2020." Keywords include "energy-saving," "energy creation," "energy storage," "HEMS," "smart house," "IoT," "housing design," "renovation," and "global expansion." INTAGE is helping clients address various issues by drawing on our research solutions to understand what consumers are looking for in their lifestyles, both now and in the future, as well as employing our know-how in data analysis, area analysis and other tasks. The field of Energy & Housing has huge potential, including the development of new services. INTAGE’s track record and experience in supporting the marketing of clients across a broad range of different industries enables us to help clients in the Energy & Housing industry not only develop services and products for the future, but to also realize cross-industry collaboration with the Automobile and Electrical industries, for example. We provide support from many sides to enable quick decision-making and make efforts to improve the work efficiency of our clients.

Energy/housing-related industry
track record of surveys (annual)
Approximately more than 200 themes
Housing/lifestyle-related surveys
Number of survey respondents
Approximately more than 1.4 million people
Countries in which energy/housing-related surveys have been conducted
More than 20 major countries

Characteristics of INTAGE

We offer many attributes related to "Housing" and "Renovation."

For the themes of "Housing" and "Renovation", where we have conducted many surveys, we have large samples which cover a wide range in the "Housing panel" (years living in the home, housing type, plans to purchase, etc.) and the "Lifestyle panel" (renovation experience, plans, implementation period, location, etc.). In addition, we have conducted surveys with more than 80 attribute items for the subjects. This allows you to collect information efficiently and at a reasonable cost from subjects who would otherwise be difficult to conduct research on, providing in-depth consumer insight.

We can analyze the purchase consideration process from the log data of those who have installed or purchased energy-related equipment (i-SSP®, for instance).

We understand the energy-related equipment purchase (contract) status every three months for such products as "Solar power generation," "ENE-FARM," and "Full electrification" (Current Status Panel). We acquire the PC, mobile and TV exposure log information (actual exposure data) for those purchasers as a single source (the same people). By analyzing the log information, we can clarify the purchase and purchase consideration processes of those who purchase our client’s products and services.

Our reach extends to the global market

We have a track record of conducting conventional surveys, including local surveys which lay the groundwork for overseas expansion (desk research, for instance), online surveys, home interviews and group interviews, in more than 20 countries, and we cover all the major countries around the world. We can provide optimum proposals based on the knowledge acquired from the broad range of overseas surveys we’ve conducted over more than 30 years.

Do you face any of these challenges?

Challenge 1: You want to effectively use the energy-related data held by your company.

We are entering the age of solar power generation and HEMS (Home Energy Management Systems) in addition to IoT (the Internet of Things), in which energy-related data is stored in home appliances. Fusing such data with purchase log data and the results of questionnaire surveys would provide insight into the consumers’ homes, their lifestyles and even their values.
However, you may be unable to find a solution to how to use all that energy-related data in order to increase the penetration of your products and services.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

We acquire household energy-related data in the form of daily logs with a high level of precision, such as electricity and gas usage amounts as well as solar power generation amounts. In addition, data related to these energy usage amounts is stored as big data in all sorts of places. By analyzing such data, we can help you understand consumers and take steps to increase the penetration of services and equipment that lead to energy conservation.

Service proposal

Challenge 2: You want to introduce products and services for lifestyles in other countries based on cultures and regional characteristics.

In order to sell your products and services abroad and increase their level of penetration, you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the lifestyles of consumers in each country as well as their satisfaction with products and services. In addition, you would like to formulate marketing strategies that are even more effective by gaining an understanding of the local market and competition quickly, as well as such factors as consumer characteristics, values and exposure to information (touchpoints).

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

INTAGE has 9 offices in major countries mainly in Asia, and we conduct more than 400 projects around the world every year. Our researchers, who have deep knowledge of the cultures in each country and other regional characteristics, conduct highly specialized surveys through their local networks and other means. We choose our survey methods based on the client’s specific issues in order to confirm the consumers’ behavior and receptivity to products and services, with quantitative research using questionnaires and qualitative research using home visit surveys and other methods.

Service proposal

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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