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Entertainment & Services

The INTAGE Group offers multifaceted support to help clients in the Entertainment & Services industry enable quick decision-making and improve their work efficiency by providing solutions which use various research methods in order to address the various issues that occur in the Entertainment & Services business.

Mighty Monitor Access Panel
million people

We are able to secure a certain number of samples even if you need uncommon samples that have low appearance rates!

Number of survey respondents for each industry
Approx. 800,000 people

Number of survey respondents involved in entertainment/amusement/leisure/hobbies/beauty activities within the past 3 months.

Current Status Panel/Lifestyle Panel/d POINT CLUB attribute information
Approx. 40 items

Items that can be used in the target industry, such as game use, hobbies and interests.

Characteristics of INTAGE

One of the largest number of survey respondents in the industry
Subpanels to capture the target industry

The large number of survey respondent resources means we are able to extract uncommon samples.
In addition, we have approximately 800,000 survey respondents (Current Status Panel) in the entertainment/games/amusement/beauty fields as well as about 2 million survey respondents (registered number) in the hobbies field.

Large number of items covering the target industry
(subpanels/registered information)

INTAGE is in possession of various information (questionnaire items/registered information) which enables reaching the target industry, so we can conduct surveys that would normally be difficult.

Do you face any of these challenges?


  • You can’t see the actual conditions of your target customers (understanding the target).
  • You can’t understand the level of receptivity to your services (understanding receptivity).
  • Your brand strategy/advertising strategy/communication strategy is not working (brand strategy).
  • You don’t know how consumers spend their spare time (understanding time share).
  • You want an evaluation of your concepts for new products/services (concept evaluation).
  • You want to understand the strengths/weaknesses of your products/services (understanding your own products/services).
  • You have insufficient reach into the users of your company’s and competitors’ services (understanding users of your company and competitors).
  • You want to conduct questionnaire surveys (using location information) on people at a target location (survey using location information).

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

Case Study 1 of Resolving a Typical Challenge in the Target Industry

Challenge/objective Understand the current situation amid a reduction in members at the stores (comparison with competitors) and collect survey data to consider revitalization measures (understanding users of your company and competitors)
Solution Online research (conducted efficiently using INTAGE’s subpanels)
Results report
  1. (1)
    Redefine target customers
  2. (2)
    Understand the needs of target customers
    → Proposing new services and renewal measures for each target
  3. (3)
    Usage status in the target area
    → Create and propose persona for the target area

Case Study 2 of Resolving a Typical Challenge in the Target Industry

Challenge/objective Understand the target users’ evaluation of a brand image video (brand strategy)
Solution Online research
Results report
  1. (1)
    Understand the behavior after watching the video
  2. (2)
    Understand the scenes that left an impression and the scenes that led to a change in behavior
  3. (3)
    Examine the points that should be conveyed in future video productions and the points that should be removed

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