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Food & Beverage

Currently, the food & beverage industry is facing a range of challenges including contraction of the domestic market due to the decreasing birth rate and aging population, globalization, and issues surrounding food safety and security. In addition, the market environment is changing kaleidoscopically; for example, the lifestyle of consumers changes in line with the development of digital technologies.
INTAGE has been supporting the industry’s marketing activities over a long period of time accumulating a wealth of panel data and research knowhow. We can support your business by bringing it together with our knowhow, cultivated through providing marketing support to a number of other customers.

Characteristics of INTAGE


Retail store sales data collected from approximately 6,000 stores nationwide including supermarkets, convenience stores, home centers/discount stores,
drug stores, and specialty stores.
As you can understand what is actually going on in the shop front, you can use this information for brand marketing and in-store promotions.


Day-to-day shopping data continually collected from 53,600 male and female consumers aged 15-79 all over Japan (SCI). You can use this data not only for purchase analysis, but based on purchase history, you can extract certain groups of people who meet your specific conditions and conduct questionnaire surveys (vois), try to understand the relationship between "exposure to information" and "spending behavior" (i-SSP), or use the data as a single source panel.

Custom Research (ADHOC Survey)

In addition to the largest quality-controlled online survey monitors in the whole industry and a wide range of research methods/analysis services according to product development steps and issues, we can also design custom research utilizing panel data.

Global Research (Overseas Survey)

Boasting a worldwide network centering on Asia and on the basis of our advanced consulting & research capabilities, we have a track record of approximately 300 or more global projects per year across many different industries and fields in many different regions all over the world.

Aren’t you facing such challenges?

Challenge 1: I am worried whether I can keep track of changes in consumers’ needs

As the environment is now changing more drastically than ever, consumers’ needs have become diversified and are changing kaleidoscopically.
It has become more and more important for you to respond to the diversified needs of the consumer and catch any signs of change ahead of your competitors.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution/effects of the solution

We will catch any signs of change in a variety of the needs of consumers by utilizing the wealth of consumer data that INTAGE keeps in stock as well as the real opinions and ideas of consumers.

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Challenge 2: I would like to work out optimal prices and promotional measures

In situations where the competitive environment becomes more severe, the need to go through the PDCA cycle of marketing measures more accurately and more rapidly
becomes increasingly important. For example, for 4P price strategy, setting a "winnable" price for each position/aim of the product
and, for promotion strategy, the effective use of multiple media options has become the focus of attention.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution/effects of the solution

Based on the wealth of sales panel data INTAGE keeps in stock as well as the questionnaire surveys, we will propose the most appropriate prices in accordance with your objectives such as "How much is the appropriate normal price?" or "How much is the discount price which would let us beat the competition?" In addition, on the basis of our media exposure log of up to over 20,000 people, we can identify which media, program, and time range is more suitable for you to contact your target group as well as the effects, i.e. how effective it was in actually letting them buy, before going on to the next PDCA cycle.

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Challenge 3: I would like to know who is purchasing our brand and our competitor’s brand products, and how many they are purchasing

To address the diversified tastes of consumers, a number of products are released in the food & beverage market throughout the year. In situations where the competitive environment becomes more severe, it becomes increasingly important for you to understand the current situation accurately, for example, what kind of customers are supporting your company’s products or what are their advantages (or shortcomings) compared with competitors’ products.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution/effects of the solution

We help you to fully understand the current situation correctly and to follow up with effective actions for the purpose of appropriately developing/managing your own brand.

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Cases of our initiatives with customers

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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