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Miscellaneous Goods & Cosmetics

The Miscellaneous Goods & Cosmetics industry is currently facing the need to overcome various challenges, including a shrinking market due to the declining birthrate and aging population, globalization, environmental and energy issues, and an increase in the number of senior and single-person households. The market environment is also changing rapidly, such as changes in the lifestyles of consumers as a result of advances in digital technologies.
For many years, INTAGE has supported the marketing activities of companies in this industry with our wealth of panel data and research know-how. Our accumulation of know-how acquired from providing marketing support for numerous customers allows us to offer even higher quality services quickly and deal flexibly with changes in our clients’ businesses.

Characteristics of INTAGE


Retail store sales data collected from approximately 4,000 stores across Japan, including
supermarkets, convenience stores, home centers and discount stores, drug stores, and specialty stores.
Clients can confirm the actual sales at stores, and use this information for brand marketing and in-store promotions.


Everyday shopping data collected continuously from 53,600 consumers aged 15-79, male and female, across Japan (SCI). Can be used as a single source panel not only through purchase analysis but also by conducting questionnaire surveys after extracting those people that meet certain conditions based on their purchase history (vois) and by identifying the relationship between "exposure to information" and "spending behavior" (i-SSP).

Custom Research (ADHOC Survey)

We can design custom research that makes use of one of the largest number of quality-controlled online survey respondents in the industry, a broad range of survey methods and analysis services that match the steps and challenges involved in product development, and panel data.

Global Research (Overseas Survey)

By leveraging our network that spans the globe, mainly in Asia, and our advanced consulting and research skills, we have a track record of conducting more than approximately 300 global projects a year in various industries, fields, countries and regions.

Do you face any of these challenges?

Challenge 1: What will happen to "consumers" and the "market" after the Tokyo Olympics?

There has been an increase in inquiries regarding the creation of mid-term business plans based on forecasts of changes in "consumer forecasts" and "market forecasts" before and after the Tokyo Olympics. In particular, amid the declining birthrate, aging population and increase in single-person households, the Miscellaneous Goods & Cosmetics industry faces the pressing issue of needing to understand the constantly changing needs/wants of consumers, such as the growing consciousness/needs of skincare and makeup among seniors and the growing consciousness of beauty and body care among men, and then make use of this information in product development.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

INTAGE can conduct an analysis of market forecasts based on data from the past 11 years of consumer panels (SCI).
In addition, we have plenty of tools to support product development, such as the Future Congress which produces ideas for new products through workshops created together with consumers by making use of INTAGE’s own SNS survey respondents, as well as De-sign Research which extracts mid-to-long term innovation development themes and visualizes concepts from the opinions of consumers.

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Challenge 2: You want to identify its target and fully understand the potential.

Diversification in the attitudes and actions of consumers has made the formulation of STP (segmentation targeting positioning) strategies more difficult. Meanwhile, more clients are expressing a desire to realize appropriate marketing ROI by understanding STP and by conducting 4P measures that are appropriate for their own company’s target.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

At INTAGE, a consumer panel (SCI) provides a single source for understanding both purchase behavior and attitudes.
This allows for an STP strategy to be formulated based on fact, and both the size of the target market and the potential to be understood in detail. Furthermore, in order to understand the target more deeply, we offer INTAGE’s proprietary method called cognitive interviews in which user profiles (gender/age group, lifestyle and purchase behavior analysis) are analyzed from the consumer panels and changes in brand loyalty are tracked precisely.

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Challenge 3: You want to realize the 4Ps as well as manage their execution and verify the effects.

The market environment for daily miscellaneous goods and cosmetics, user trends, competitive relationships, and many other factors are all becoming more complex every year, and the speed of change is also accelerating. As such, it has become more difficult to determine whether the specific methods/contents of 4P measures for each product and control over their execution/management are appropriate/optimal, and ascertaining the best timing has also become more difficult.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

With our wealth of information and services, you will be able to make "decisions" and "ascertainment" without any doubt at each step of the PDCA cycle of 4P measures, enabling you to execute/change measures accurately and in a timely manner.

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