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Human Resources

We believe that the human resources market is currently undergoing a revolution. Diversification in the types of employment, changes in working style and revisions to the law are among the many factors that are having a major impact on the market, so gaining an understanding of the market is becoming increasingly important. However, at the same time, gaining an understanding of changes in the market and user trends quickly can lead to major business opportunities.

In addition to conventional marketing research, we help resolve our customers’challenges by offering solutions such as media exposure logs.

Mighty Monitor Access Panel
Approx.million people
Number of people whose media exposure logs were acquired
PC: approx.people
Mobile: approx.people
TV: approx.people

Characteristics of INTAGE

One of the largest survey respondent resources in Japan

INTAGE owns “Mighty Monitor,” one of the largest survey respondent resources in Japan which boasts million respondents ().
This enables us to meet the various needs of our customers, such as surveys covering specific occupations and industries as well as users of specific employment and job-change support services.

Human resources industry specialists make research proposals

We have many members who know the human resources industry well, and they will make proposals from a diverse range of perspectives for the research which is necessary to resolve our customers’ challenges.
Please feel free to contact us, since we have a solid track record in a range of different areas such as large-scale surveys, rapid-response surveys and deep analysis.

Optimize PDCA from the digital marketing perspective by making use of solutions

INTAGE will offer various solutions as well as proposals which make use of the “HR-kit” human resources industry trend database to help the client company improve the efficiency of and optimize their PDCA.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You want to understand rapidly changing market conditions quickly and lightly
  • You want to continue to measure user trends in the market from a fixed point
  • You want to confirm your company’s position in the market quantitatively ahead of renewing your service concept
  • You want to understand the image that users have of your services and your competitors’ services
  • You want to deliver the optimal ads efficiently to your target segment
  • You want to survey those users who were exposed to the ad and use the results to improve the creative side

In addition to conventional questionnaires and interviews, we use solutions such as media exposure log analysis and surveys of those exposed to the ads in order to support your marketing strategies, from understanding the markets to implementing measures and verifying their effects.


We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

Please feel free to contact us. The relevant team member will get in touch with you.

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