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Advertising Sector


Internet and mobile devices have become an indispensable part of people’s lives, so the media environment surrounding consumers is becoming increasingly complex due to the overlapping of mass media and digital media. As a result, companies are being forced to change their approach as they try to communicate with consumers.


INTAGE was quick to construct a data platform for the purpose of understanding consumers’ media use and its effect on purchases by syncing TV viewing, online browsing and app use data with miscellaneous goods purchase data (SCI®) that we have previously provided.

We support planning, ad distribution and effectiveness measurement based on advertising communication activity data.
In addition, we also possess know-how regarding non-verbal methods, such as facial expression analysis, Neuro Research and Eye Tracking Research, so we can offer comprehensive support regarding advertising communication activities, such as brushing-up of advertising materials.

Single Source Panel
(TV, online, apps)
Approx. 30,000 people
Digital ad measurement base
Approx. 1 million people

Characteristics of INTAGE

Media log data

We have constructed a Single Source Panel by continuously collecting various data on TV viewing, online browsing and app use from our single survey respondents.
In addition, we can use the log data from smart TVs, so we can collect data not just from major areas but also by each prefecture within Japan.

Large sample

The Single Source Panel for TV, online and apps has approximately 30,000 samples. The panel that is synced with miscellaneous goods purchases (SCI) has about 20,000 samples.
The panel collecting advertisement identifiers such as cookies, which are the measurement base for digital ads, has approximately 1 million samples. We maintain the base and the data for each large sample.

Plenty of attributes

In-depth analysis is possible using miscellaneous goods purchases (SCI), purchase attribute surveys of durable consumer goods and service goods, such as automobiles and financial products, and various other psychographic and demographic attributes.

Advanced solutions technology and know-how

We provide comprehensive support by combining the know-how we have accumulated as the No. 1 research company in Japan with our advanced solutions, technology and media data.

Do you face any of these challenges?

Challenge 1: You want to measure the effectiveness of a campaign to improve your subsequent actions.

The effectiveness of each media plan will be reviewed by measuring the reach effects of the TV commercials and digital ads based on media log data, the behavior of those exposed to the ads, and their attitude results, and this information will be used in the next campaign.

Service proposal

Challenge 2: You want to understand the characteristics of the target for your products and services.

INTAGE can help you understand the characteristics of the target more broadly based on their media usage status, including TV and online, their everyday miscellaneous goods purchase status, and various other profile data, in order to support more effective communication planning and media planning.

Service proposal

Challenge 3: You want to send a message to the target about your products and services.

You will be able to communicate not just with the target classified by gender and age, but rather by those target attributes and approaches that would lead to purchases and actions which would have been decided when planning the product or service.

Service proposal

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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