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The Communications industry faces rapidly changing market conditions due to constant technological innovation and the introduction of new services. INTAGE’s researchers who specialize in the Communications industry support the marketing activities of our clients in this industry by conducting various surveys - such as the usage behavior of users and changes in their behavior - in the product development, launch, renewal and penetration processes. By bringing together INTAGE’s know-how cultivated through having provided marketing support on many different projects and the diverse range of solutions that we offer, we can quickly provide high-quality output and maintain the flexibility to keep up with the changes in our clients’ businesses.

Quantity of owned model information available
More than 1,600 models

* Includes mobile phones and tablets

Number of device tracking survey respondents
More than 2.6 million samples

* Communications subpanel survey respondent number is annual total

Track record
More than 1,900 projects

Characteristics of INTAGE’s Communications industry team

A method of identifying users

We have more than 2.6 million samples of survey responses for owned device information. By conducting attribute surveys on our survey respondents, we hold detailed attribute information such as the owned model, OS, carrier and MNP. (The level of detail differs depending on the carrier.)

Ability to deal with a broad range of marketing challenges

Exclusive researchers with a deep understanding of the market are dealing with all sorts of marketing challenges in the Communications industry, including concept development, demand forecasts, understanding purchaser behavior, brand evaluation and understanding user behavior.

Use of data activation

INTAGE gathers knowledge from big data, such as log data, by utilizing our data science technology.
This allows us to gain consumer insights without relying solely on conventional question-based research.

Do you face any of these challenges?

Challenge 1: You don’t know the target for a developed product.

You have decided to launch an accessory which employs new technology, but you cannot make decisions on effective measures because you cannot determine the target and you cannot predict the impact due to significant cannibalization, among other reasons.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

We conduct targeting and profiling to identify the specific customer group that should be targeted based on our wealth of panel data. In addition, we provide comprehensive support from the planning of optimal advertisements for the considered/selected target to measuring their effectiveness.

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Challenge 2: You want to ascertain the level of penetration after an app has been developed and launched.

As you develop and release a new app, you want to create a UI that reflects the opinions of the target. In addition, you also want to check how much the app has penetrated the market after the product is released, and verify whether there are any major problems with the UI.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

To help with development, we will conduct co-creation workshops with highly sensitive consumers in order to qualitatively collect useful hints for the development of new apps. In addition, for UI development, scientific confirmation of usability is possible through the use of "Eye Tracking," for example. After a product is released, we will confirm its level of penetration through quantitative surveys in addition to ascertaining the actual usage situation and behavior through taking such steps as "Group Interviews" and "Remote Behavioral Observation," so that this information can be used later to improve services and the UI as well as to formulate strategies.

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Challenge 3: You don’t understand demand for peripheral services for consumers and how that affects carrier selection.

You want to find out how much need there is for the services offered by mobile carriers, such as reward points related to a mobile carrier’s services and payments. You also want to know how much that affects the selection of mobile carriers.

Let INTAGE do it for you! Approaches to the solution and effects of the solution

Using our wealth of panel data, we can clarify a brand’s customer structure and assets in order to measure how much the brand’s peripheral factors contribute to brand loyalty. In addition, we use qualitative methods to extract the experiences that led to brand loyalty, helping you formulate effective communication measures in the future.

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