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The domestic travel market is active thanks in large part to people from overseas visiting Japan, but at the same time the market is facing a changing environment due to a decline in the number of trips per person, the popularity of online purchases and other factors. Meanwhile, travel needs and styles are diversifying, so the creation of new travel demands could lead to major business opportunities. As the Travel industry enters the age of full-scale marketing, INTAGE provides not just conventional research but also solutions that take travelers’ activity logs into account, helping clients overcome their business challenges from many sides.

By combining conventional research with location information and media exposure logs, you’ll be able to understand traveler behavior more deeply and accurately.

Mighty Monitor Access Panel
Approx. million people
Number of people for which location information is acquired
Approx. million Note 1
Number of people for which media exposure logs are acquired
PC: Approx. people
Mobile: Approx. people
TV: Approx. people

* Of DoCoMo’s subscribers, those who gave permission in advance. Includes non-Japanese visiting Japan.
* “Mobile Kukan Toukei” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Characteristics of INTAGE

One of the largest survey respondent resources in Japan

The large number of survey respondent resources mean uncommon samples can be extracted. We will help you fully understand the actual conditions of the domestic travel market, regardless of whether they are users of your company/competitors or whether they are for the mass/niche market. We also have a "Train Line Panel" which enables subjects to be extracted based on their closest train station or the train line that they use.

Support which makes use of the travelers’ location information

In addition to "Mobile Kukan Toukei," which helps you understand the population distribution and movement status of up to million based on mobile phone base station information, we also offer "di-PiNK® Location Information," which can attach various attributes to the action routes of up to million people. This will be useful not only to understand traveler behavior across the entire market and for product creation planning, but also for distributing online advertisements to a specific segment.

"Ugo-kit": A location data service for understanding people's movements and attitudes

By combining “location information,” “detailed attributes” and “questionnaires,” INTAGE will understand conditions in the domestic travel/tourism market in detail from the aspects of both “behavior” and “attitude,” and use this to support your travel marketing and tourism marketing.


Visualize travelers’ locations and actions

By combining each traveler’s Media Exposure Log with their questionnaire results, you will be able to understand both their online and offline behavior information, from the consideration process they go through before the trip to the sharing of information after the trip. This can be used to plan ads, improve your company’s website and for other purposes.

A research method for precisely understanding the actions/attitudes of travelers

"Koko-research" enables the sending of a questionnaire directly to those persons who were at a specific place at a specific time, based on their location information. This method allows you to understand events and what travelers were thinking during their trip in more detail and with a higher volume of information compared to conventional questionnaires and interviews.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You want to know how many travelers in the entire market went where, for what purpose, taking which route.
  • You want to plan unique travel products based on new ideas.
  • You want to clarify the process of how travelers gather information so that you can ascertain the best media and timing for advertisements.
  • You want to identify your target and conduct efficient promotions.
  • You want to analyze data on your members and have this lead to maintaining loyalty as well as cross-selling/upselling.

We offer a broad range of support from planning to execution of marketing not only using conventional questionnaires and interviews, but also using analysis that combines these more conventional methods with traveler location information and media exposure logs.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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