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A location data service for understanding people's movements and attitudes

By combining “location information,” “detailed attributes” and “questionnaires,” INTAGE will understand conditions in the domestic travel/tourism market in detail from the aspects of both “behavior” and “attitude,” and use this to support your travel marketing and tourism marketing.

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Although the domestic travel market is flourishing now mainly due to the number of inbound overseas tourists, it also faces changing conditions such as a decreasing number of trips per person and the proliferation of online purchases. At the same time, travel needs and styles are diversifying, so the creation of a new travel demand can lead to major business opportunities.

With the travel industry entering the age of full-scale marketing, INTAGE has developed a new solution which combines “location information” based on operational data from DoCoMo base stations and “research.”

By combining “location information,” “detailed attributes” and “questionnaires,” INTAGE will understand conditions in the domestic travel/tourism market in detail from the aspects of both “behavior” and “attitude,” and use this to support your travel marketing and tourism marketing.

Characteristics of Ugo-kit

Large-scale platform

A large-scale platform which covers Japan entirely. The location information data comes from approximately 76 million DoCoMo handsets which are participating in Mobile Kukan Toukei* as well as 22.32 million d-Point club members, while detailed attributes (geographic data, geosegmentation, etc.) are collected from 3 million to 22.32 million people and questionnaires regarding domestic travel (conducted every season) are collected from 10,000 people. This enables detailed analysis by prefecture or by tourist area, for example.


* A tabulation of operational data from approximately 76 million handsets (as of March 2018), excluding those registered in company names and MVNO data.

* “Mobile Kukan Toukei” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Detailed analysis x ad delivery

We provide “Ugoki research,” a research service that understands trends in the domestic travel/tourism market based on attitudes and actual conditions, and “Ugoki ad,” an ad delivery service that enables effective promotion to appropriate target groups. You can use this service not just for “analysis” but also for “ad delivery.”


* Location information that can be used for ad delivery is data from users who have given their permission.

Rich attribute information

We have a diverse range of attributes, so you will be able to see the “faces” of the visitors.

Demographics, everyday behavior, etc.

Lifestyle: gender, age group, marital status, occupation, place of residence, family composition, annual household income
Everyday behavior: hobbies, interests, travel frequency, media to which the user was exposed, net/SNS usage
Recent events (past 3 months to plans up to 3 months ahead): marriages/births, employment/school admissions, overseas/domestic travel, etc.

Geosegmentation (location information attributes)*

Base for everyday living: place of residence, train station closest to home, place of work, train station closest to place of work, places visited often
Life events: people who have moved recently, people who have switched jobs/transferred
Behavior during spare time: going out on days off, travel frequency, number of visits to hot spring resorts, number of visits to Disneyland, number of times playing golf, etc.

* Estimated based on past visit histories obtained from the location information data of d-Point club members

Large-scale periodic questionnaires conducted every season

A large-scale survey of 65 questions × 10,000 samples provides broad and deep insights into the actual conditions and attitudes of travelers in each season.

Survey outline

[Survey method] Web survey
[Target] Domestic travelers during the target period * Location information extracted from d-Point club members
[Sample size] 10,000
[Survey items]
Recent travel: prefectures/areas/facilities visited, number of people that accompanied, purpose, means of transportation, reason for choosing that means of transportation, application submission channel, application submission format, travel agency used, amount spent, satisfaction, intention to visit again
Lifestyle: hobbies, destination, source of travel information, values regarding travel, value regarding lifestyle, etc.

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Marketing PDCA x Ugo-kit

We offer one-stop data-driven support for PDCA related to travel/tourism marketing, from the understanding of domestic travel/tourism market trends, profiling of tourists, analysis of tours and share analysis to ad delivery and even verification of the effects.


  • Discovery of new tourist spots
  • Consider the communication plan
  • Detect changes in the market through the ongoing acquisition of data
  • Effective ad delivery to the target
  • Identify targets to attract
  • Periodic KPI measurements
  • Measures to attract tourists
  • Verify effects after measures are taken

Understanding trends in the domestic travel/tourism market

See which areas tourists are gathering in right now. By accurately understanding the latest market trends, you will be able to use this as basic data for discovering new tourist spots and attracting customers.


Tourist spot evaluation

We measure evaluations of tourist spots, including the number of visitors to an area, the amount spent, level of satisfaction and intention to visit again.


Ad delivery based on location information x detailed attributes x questionnaires

By combining “location information of d-Point club members (past behavior patterns)” with “attributes” and “periodic questionnaires,” you will be able to extract higher-potential targets and deliver ads regarding the next time they plan to travel. Improving the precision of this targeting will help realize more effective promotions.


* Location information that can be used for ad delivery is data from users who have given their permission.

360-degree understanding of consumers

In an age when the needs and interests of consumers are diversifying, data specific to a certain industry or business is not sufficient to gain insight into “why a consumer behaved that way or made that decision.”
INTAGE has prepared not just data for each industry/business, but also data that takes a broad look at “lifestyles,” such as consumption behavior, information exposure behavior, and lifestyle-related attitudes/values.
Combining “Ugo-kit” with various other data will enable you to understand the targets more deeply.


We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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