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Consumer 360° Viewer

“Consumer 360° Viewer” is an analysis service to assist with the planning and implementation of a marketing strategy based on understanding the consumers.
By taking advantage of a wide range of data which includes not only data held by INTAGE such as consumption history and the media exposure situation, but also data concerning lifestyle attitude and sense of value, we can create a multifaceted and detailed profile of the target’s image. We empower you in planning and implementing a series of marketing related measures from the development of products/services to communication related matters based on a broad and deep understanding of consumers!

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Characteristics of Consumer 360° Viewer

A time where we need to have a true understanding of consumers by viewing them in a broad and complex context.

Nowadays we often hear our clients say “it has become difficult to understand” consumers, i.e. the target of their marketing. In such an environment, based on a broad and deep understanding of consumers, we need to develop our products and services based on the consumers’ sense of values, and plan and implement marketing measures in accordance with the consumers’ behavior and awareness. For this reason, the need for information which helps us capture all aspects of life and understand multifaceted profiles of the target is increasing more and more.

Realize multifaceted understanding by linking together a wide range of panel data held by INTAGE.

“Consumer 360° Viewer” is an analysis service which carries out, in response to such needs, profiling of the target from every aspect by integrating the range of data held by INTAGE including data related to spending behavior, media exposure, and lifestyle attitude/sense of value.
With this service, it is possible to flexibly set/identify the target segment in accordance with the marketing challenges of the customer company based on a large amount of data of up to 15,000 items. The target will be 3-dimensionally profiled from a variety of aspects of life using not only the widely used conventional basic attributes such as gender, age group, and occupation, but also awareness and values such as food/health awareness, fashion awareness and attitude to life as well as spending behavior/attitude. For example, annual amount of spending on commodities, typical type of goods purchased, which advertisement phrases will have a strong impact on them, and media exposure/use situation including the usage situation of TV and smartphones in terms of the time-band of the day and the type/category of TV program being watched.

[Figure 1: Diagram of the service image: 360° database and profiling]


A multifaceted understanding of consumers empowers you in planning and implementing various marketing measures!

By using “Consumer 360° Viewer,” it becomes possible for you to develop a product/service and plan/implement communication or marketing measures based on a multifaceted and deep understanding of the target backed by actual data.
Having provided data, research, and a platform which captures all aspects of consumers, INTAGE, through “Consumer 360° Viewer,” supports our customer companies’ “Consumer-driven marketing” with the aim of us realizing the wellbeing of consumers together.

Basic “Consumer 360° Viewer” services

(1) Standard output

Out of 15,000 items, we pick 100 items which tell us the outline of the target. Using an instantly created graphic report, we assist you with understanding the target. We can provide a wealth of discussion materials as basic data for hypothesis building through initial discussions at the time of product/service development and planning of a communication strategy without needing to conduct a large-scale survey.

[Figure 2: Standard output]


(2) Persona report

We provide a persona report which includes all 15,000 items enabling you to capture a true and vivid image of the target. When we carry out profiling we try to capture as much of the real personality as possible combining spending behavior, information behavior, lifestyle attitude/sense of value etc., even mobilizing our detective-like imagination and estimation capabilities. You can use this report as a tool to understand the target as we complete it by establishing and sharing the target definition in a workshop we hold with members of the development team etc. Furthermore, this report is useful when you require a more detailed image of the target when improving your product/service development and/or developing messages for advertisement communications.

[Figure 3: Persona report]


How to use “Consumer 360° Viewer” in a more advanced manner

(1) For such occasions as: Development of goods/services
Identify what triggers the person to select the service in question and create the service which has an appeal

  • Hold a workshop to develop a persona based on the standard output and the results of additional analysis
  • In reference to the persona developed in the workshop, develop a concept
  • Develop an appealing product which satisfies the target’s selection criteria
  • Take advantage of/deploy it at the time of developing the packaging design trying to identify the design which will attract interests and entice people to try


(2) For such occasions as: Communication planning/implementation
Identify the most appropriate messages and points of contact to reach them without fail

  • Decipher their personality based on multifaceted profiling and identify effective messages (appealing points)
  • For the purpose of delivering the message, analyze/understand their media exposure situation, and design the most appropriate contact points and channels
    Example of an analytical approach: Customer journey map
  • Taking advantage of the targets’ online behavior history, carry out expanded delivery of online advertisements (di-PINK) in an attempt to improve reach efficiency.


(3) Advanced use: By carrying out more task-oriented targeting, adding an original survey which improves the accuracy of strategy planning, get an understanding of the unique aspects/angle of the target

  • When conventional targeting is not enough to deal with the situation, for example, when developing a new market, you will be able to get an understanding of the original segment appropriate for the challenge by conducting an additional custom-made survey.
  • For example, you can use our service to identify an unexposed segment, leading to the development of a new market.


Use “Consumer 360° Viewer” as a starting point for various marketing activities

By using “Consumer 360° Viewer,” it becomes possible for you to develop a product/service and plan/implement communication or marketing measures based on a multifaceted and deep understanding of the target backed by actual data.

Start data-driven marketing taking advantage of the huge amount of data in stock.
Carry out planning/implementation of marketing measures in a consumer-driven way.
Go with driven and driven!

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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