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Asian Panel

INTAGE's Online Research Panel (Online Survey)

One of the largest-scale research monitors
"10 millions+" in the industry

It is possible to conduct a survey that focuses on a group of people which are selected from the large-scale monitors such as gender, age, residential area, family composition, vehicles owned, etc.


Point 1

Reach out to a wider audience

With the Asian Panel, it is possible to reach out to a wide audience - from 10s to 60s - from all walks of life. We are especially strong with the younger generation, a large contributor to the rapid growth in the Asian market.

Our surveys can also fully utilize the multi-capabilities of the smartphone. With usage of smartphone cameras and mics, you can easily capture fleeting moments hard to recreate via other research methods. With such multi-pronged and holistic data, the Asian Panel is better positioned to help you get deeper local insights compared to typical online surveys.

Point 2

Quality control"" for collecting reliable data

  • 1.
    Quality control of monitors such as removal of inappropriate respondents
  • 2.
    Quality control through survey implementation, including survey items and screen design, which have a significant impact on survey results
  • 3.
    Data verification, including new approaches and research that are in line with the latest trend.
  • 4.
    Quality control through security such as prevention of unauthorized access.

Point 3

A network of services to boost the value of your research

In collaboration with Intage Group companies, we can provide detailed support for overseas research, including the preparation of localized survey forms, provision of output data in live-tracking dashboards, and analysis using various statistical solutions.


Image of COVERAGE AND PROFILE (Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippine, India)

dataSpring Inc. is part of INTAGE Group.

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9 Countries
The INTAGE Group is expanding its business presence in Asia,
and has established operating bases in China, South Korea,
Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore and Indonesia,
as well as in the United States.

INTAGE not only offers services in Japan, but also its overseas subsidiaries offer custom research to Japanese and local companies and governments, mainly in Asia.

* Upon request, we can also conduct the survey for other Asia markets, US and EU markets through our wide network (our partners).

  • Employment Status
  • Occupation Category
  • Type of Industry
  • Department
  • Company Size
  • Official Position
  • Role in decision-making
  • Primary Role at Work (IT)
  • Assets
  • Automotive
  • Family
  • Mobile
  • Travel
  • Others
  • Medical
  • Job Title(Doctor, Pharmacist, Dentist, Nurse, etc.)
  • Doctor Specialty
  • Ailment
  • Current Ailments
  • Past Ailments
  • Smoking Status

Can be combined with INTAGE group’s solutions

In addition to regular survey, we also can provide you with the following solutions

  • i-Shelf : Utilize shopper ratings in online shelf tests.
  • i-Mesh:Utilize consumer's responses for new product packaging renewal and advertising creative development.
  • Phox Diver : This tool allows you to organize collected photos and videos by specifying tags/demographics for easy viewing and filtering at any time.
  • ListenIn (remote online interview) : Interviewing method using a PC or smartphone.

* These are just some of the examples for solutions that INTAGE provides.
For more information about our solutions, please visit our website or contact us.


INTAGE Inc. was founded in 1960. With offices in 9 countries around the world, INTAGE Inc. leads the INTAGE Group, Asia's No. 1* marketing research and insights business, providing total support for the marketing activities of companies and organizations in Japan and overseas.
By gaining a deeper understanding of consumers and making more sophisticated use of data, we aim to support the future of our clients’ businesses and realize our vision to “Create Consumer-centric Values”, working together with clients in marketing to deliver happiness to consumers.
*Source:“ESOMAR's Global Top-50 Insights Companies 2023” (based on Group consolidated sales)

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