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Data Integration Service

Characteristics of the data integration service

INTAGE data and customer-owned data × BI tools = visualization of multiple data in one place

Technological advances have led to a rapid growth in the types and volume of data.
While an increase in the amount of data handled can lead to improved decision-making, if you haven’t built an environment for handling and using this data, then the data will not lead to improved decision-making.
Creating such a data integration environment requires coordination between the company’s marketing department, its systems department, any external systems integrators, and BI tool vendors, so it is often difficult to be flexible and make progress with the project.
“Data integration service” is a one-stop solution for our customer’s data integration environment which makes use of INTAGE’s strengths in “understanding data,” “understanding technology” and “understanding BI tools.”


We are able to handle a broad range of data integration because we are neutral

INTAGE knows all about data on “consumers” and “marketing” which we have acquired over the years.
In addition, we have a solid track record which allows us to know how to look at such data and at which point the data should be integrated.
Because we are neutral and not a provider of systems, we are able to offer a broad range of data integration services based on the customer's environment.


■Integrated data

  • INTAGE panel data
  • Survey data
  • Sales data (owned by customer)
  • Shipment data (owned by customer)
  • Inventory data (owned by customer)
  • Ad placement data (owned by customer)
  • SNS data (3rd party data)
  • Weather data (3rd party data)
  • Access analysis data (3rd party data)
  • Rating data (3rd party data)


■Integration environment

  • Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Customer information integration platform provided by INTAGE
  • Customer’s on-premises environment


■Post-integration BI tools

  • Datorama
  • Domo
  • MotionBoard
  • Tableau
  • Power BI


Data integration service case studies

Case studies: Integrated management of nationwide customer satisfaction data - creating a data usage environment for store improvement

  • Boost sales; increase customer loyalty; manage stores/branches nationwide; provide support for sales measures
Data used/analysis
  • Customer satisfaction survey data (with cluster analysis results); actual sales data; sales activities data; various databases
Services provided
  • Use IT to platformize the PDCA cycle for business/marketing between headquarters, work sites and customers
  • Cloud-based platform can be used at all times at multiple locations
Usage status
  • Sharing best practices for each store/branch and extracting weak points -> improvements in these areas have led to improvement of the whole
  • Contributed to higher sales, repeat rates and customer satisfaction, and has been incorporated into the business cycle

Case study 1: Company A

  • Customer satisfaction at thousands of stores across Japan as well as actual sales and sales activity data have been analyzed and classified into several clusters -> this enabled the implementation of optimal measures for each target
  • Optimal measures were extracted for each cluster, and the PDCA cycle for store improvement is being implemented nationwide

Case study 2: Company B

  • Analysis of a satisfaction survey for the purchasers of a product was turned into a web dashboard
  • Diagnosis of the reasons for poor performance at a store -> instructions given by headquarters -> results where “satisfaction & sales” improved. This contributed to improvement of the whole, such as attitudes at the work sites.


Case studies: Integrated management of website data - creating a data usage environment for sales/product strategies

  • You want to collect/analyze the movements of your competitors using various data sources that are difficult to obtain, and use that to draw up various strategies and implement appropriate measures
Data used/analysis
  • Data collected from crawling (automatic collection from the web), actual sales data and various databases
Services provided
  • Realizing automatic collection using crawling
  • Cleansing collected data (includes qualitative); adding value through analysis, text mining, KPI development, etc.
Usage status
  • Decision-making was strengthened by continuously tracking the company's trends and combining this with other data sources to create added value.

Case study 1: Company A

  • The number of products that competitors offer on the web is collected regularly. Differences with the company’s own product lineup are confirmed and used to draw up sales strategies and manage inventory.

Case study 2: Company B

  • Information on online review sites is collected, and text mining is conducted to analyze comments
  • The image of the company and hidden needs are identified, and used for decision-making in product development and promotions

Case study 3: Company C

  • Information on competitors’ sites and online review sites are acquired -> trends of competitors are visualized -> this is used to draw up strategies to gain an advantage over the competition


Case studies: Integrated management of points data - creating a customer loyalty/sales promotion support environment

  • You want to promote strategies such as improving your company’s services and cultivating loyal users
Data used/analysis
  • Point card usage logs, usage logs for multiple services your company provides, actual sales data, member attribute data, user questionnaire data and various databases
Services provided
  • An environment for analyzing the various data in different fields, made possible by integrating customer-owned log data (actual conditions) and research data (attitudes)
  • Analysis of integrated data to create KPIs, set targets, create reports and records, and give value to data
Usage status
  • Continuous tracking of trends for your company’s services through logs and questionnaires
  • While supporting user cultivation PDCA cycles for each service, we also provide strategic support for the entire company through steps such as alliance expansion


Case studies: Creating an environment for the use of daily questionnaire data

  • You want to conduct questionnaires in each customer segment and gain an understanding of trends in the results and indicators
  • You want to realize the fastest and optimal method of execution for each target and measure
Data used/analysis
  • Questionnaire site open at all times, year-round: INTAGE’s web questionnaire site
Services provided
  • Support for customers who require an emergency response by operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (sometimes closed)
Usage status
  • Currently operating in various formats for customers across a broad range of sectors, including financial companies, overseas dealers and telecommunications companies


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