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i-Store DB α®

Store information database covering approximately 120,000 stores / 1,400 companies nationwide

i-Store DB α (“alpha”), a new value-added version of i-Store DB, is available from January 2024.
✔ In addition to the previously offered semi-annual service, weekly and monthly services are also available (from April 2024).
✔ With the addition of channels such as 100 yen shops, the no. of channels has been increased to 11. *1
✔ In addition to delivery by e-mail, i-Store DB α also supports cloud delivery (from April 2024). *2

  • *1: Four new channels have been added: home electronics retailers, 100 yen and 300 yen shops, department stores, and toy stores.

  • *2: Customers are required to prepare their own cloud platform for receiving the data. Additional fees may apply depending on the specifications.

* The existing i-Store DB will be discontinued at the end of March 2025 with the December 2024 edition (to be released in January 2025).

Registered Data

i-Store DB α is a database of retail chain stores with location information and other data that we have independently collected and maintained.
Basic data such as location, telephone number, sales floor area, number of parking spaces, and hours of operation are included, as well as supplementary data such as district and resident profiles based on groupings derived from store trade area data.

Data Coverage

i-Store DB α primarily covers retail chain stores handling processed foods, beverages, daily sundries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, baby products, etc.

Channel Coverage (4 channels in bold: added from January 2024)

Supermarkets (Hypermarkets and Food supermarkets), Drugstores (excluding dispensing pharmacies), Home centers, Discount stores, Convenience stores, Liquor stores, Baby product shops, Home electronics stores, 100 yen / 300 yen shops, Department stores, and Toy stores.

* “Home centers/Discount stores” was a single channel in i-store DB but has been split up into two categories, “Home centers” and “Discount stores”, in i-store DB α.

* Number of valid stores as of December 2023
Channel nameNumber of companiesNumber of stores
Standard channels Supermarkets 934 22,448
Drugstores 149 19,728
Home centers 80 4,673
Discount stores 35 1,565
Optional channels Convenience stores 16 56,148
Liquor stores 63 1,463
Baby product shops 6 1,705
Toy stores 6 146
Department stores 28 226
Home electronics stores 18 3,065
100 yen shops / 300 yen shops 24 8,771
Total 1,359 119,938

Registered Data Categories

Store information typeData categories
Basic categories (A) Store name, company name, chain name, channel, postal code, address, telephone number
Basic categories (B) Sales floor space, hours of operation, availability and number of parking spaces
Supplementary categories Longitude and latitude coordinates, station distance rank, district profile and neighborhood resident profile

Service Frequency

Weekly (delivered every Tuesday)
Monthly (delivered on the last Tuesday of every month)
Semi-annual (June and December every year)

  • * Weekly and monthly service available from April 2024
  • * Delivered on the following business day if the indicated day is a holiday (in accordance with separately established service schedule)

Contract Type and Price

Nationwide EditionArea Edition
(Price per area)
Standard 4 Channel Edition
(Supermarkets, Drugstores, Home centers, and Discount stores)
2.4 million yen 800,000 yen
Optional Channel Edition From 240,000 yen each From 80,000 yen each
Type of Contract
Annual contract
Service Options
In addition to area editions, channel-specific service is also available.
  • * The above prices are for semi-annual delivery (excluding tax).
  • * Area edition categories: Hokkaido/Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku/Shikoku, and Kyushu
  • * Channel-specific editions for each of the 4 standard channels (Supermarket, Drugstore, Home center, and Discount store) are also available at 60% off the price of the Standard 4 Channel Edition (Nationwide Edition).

i-Store DB®(To Be Discontinued in March 2025)

The previously-offered i-Store DB will be discontinued at the end of March 2025 with the release of the December 2024 edition (in January 2025).
Customers currently using i-Store DB are advised to switch to i-Store DB α.
For more information, please contact our sales representative or the distributor for your company.

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