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ID-POS Analysis

A service where we are trusted with our members’ data to carry out analyses according to specific tasks.
Our professional distribution analysts will conduct an analysis to see what types of customers are supporting sales, what types of customers are effective for measures to increase the frequency of visiting store, and if there is any store group or floor category which has potential for improvement.

What is the key category which brings customers in? (food)

During the daytime, there is a significant difference in such category as XXX and XXX. As for the evening and night-time, there is a difference in the purchase amounts for categories such as XXX.

Segment 01: Volume layer structure

The “light layer” which uses the store less than once a week accounts for 30% of the turnover.
Although their frequency is less than that of trusted customers, the average sale per customer per visit is almost at the same level as trusted customers.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s ID-POS Analysis

Understand the nature of customers

Deepen your understanding using Genometrics® to identify attributes other than gender and age group.

It’s possible to compare markets

By making a comparison between markets, it’s possible to find a customer segment you have not yet acquired and/or those categories which have room for growth.

How to use the ID-POS Analysis

For reference to choose the store concept/format.

By grouping stores together, it becomes easier to evaluate each store.
In addition, you can also use it as a reference to consider the direction for refurbishments.

To decide whether it’s the sort of store that should be refurbished into a high-value added model or the sort of store that should not!

For considering selection of goods/sales promotion measures.

It’s possible to discover different tastes which is difficult to see when you just have gender and age group info.
It’s possible to confirm for which product groups you should increase the number of SKUs.

For reference to create a sales floor which your customers would like or would make them want to come again!

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