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Data Analysis Service

INTAGE’s experienced data scientists help you with “Knowing (understanding the market/consumers),” “Developing (development of strategies/tactics)” “Delivering (implementation of measures),” and “Measuring (measurement of effectiveness/consideration of improvements for the next steps)” centered on the marketing area.

Characteristics of the Data Analysis Service

Industry knowledge and support track record, “unique” data, and statistical analysis skills

We help you with marketing-related decision making through statistical analysis, taking full advantage of the data our company holds.

Groups of solutions according to the decisions you have to make in the course of your marketing activities

We provide solutions to help you with the decisions you have to make in the course of your marketing activities such as market forecasting, market/consumer segmentation, product characteristics/price optimization, and optimization of the advertising budget.

Examples of using the Data Analysis Service

Optimize allocation of investment in marketing measures

APRiCOT®A marketing mix model helps you discover the best way to allocate your investment to maximize sales by visualizing the contribution each marketing measure makes to sales.

Optimize the new product development concept

i-Conjoint supports your concept development by evaluating its importance and optimizing the product’s elements (attributes and level)

Market forecast based on data which is highly likely to reflect the market

Our market forecast solution achieves highly accurate forecasts and is capable of explaining the mechanism it uses by building a statistical model reflecting data which reflects the market as well as reflecting the knowledge of the analyst in charge.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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