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i-SSP®(INTAGE Single Source Panel)

Supporting optimal ad planning and effectiveness measurement

One of the largest-scale multi-media single source panels in Japan which captures the relationship between “media exposure” and “consumer behavior (purchase/consciousness)” in a multi-media environment.

Point 1

Can be used for measuring campaign effectiveness and reviewing your media plan, etc. by verifying the relationship between multi-media exposure or exposure to advertisements and a change of psychology/attitude for the same individual.

Point 2

We help you to realize comprehensive management of communication policy measures

Characteristics of the i-SSP (INTAGE Single Source Panel)

Collect data from the same survey respondents

We collect: (1) logs of exposure to media such as PC, mobile device, and TV, (2) answers to questionnaires concerning attributes/consciousness and actual situations, and (3) history logs of consumer goods purchases from the same survey respondents.
Using these, it’s possible to identify the causal relationship between “exposure to information” and “consumer psychology/behavior.”

Collect the information as log data

We continually collect log data (automatically) on exposure to PC, mobile devices, and TV.
Compared to collecting data through questionnaires, it’s possible to collect the information more accurately and in more detail.

It’s possible to conduct a chronological analysis

Since we obtain the data from the same individual on an ongoing basis, it’s possible to carry out a chronological analysis.

A wealth of attributes

We have a wealth of attributes such as demographic and psychographic attributes.

Outline of the survey

Mobile device
radio, etc.
Purchase data
Collection methods Tool install App install Audio +
Remote control log collection device
Questionnaire Barcode scan
Timing Ongoing collection Ongoing collection Ongoing collection Once a year Input at the time of purchase
Sample size Approx. 12,000 Approx. 13,000 Approx. 24,000*
(incl. family members)
*as of July 2022
i-SSP monitor
Survey of all
Approx. 50,000
Area Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide
Data obtained URL visited

Online search words used

Exposure to online ads
URL visited

Online search words used

Exposure to online ads

App usage
Exposure to ads

Exposure to programs

(incl. family members)
Newspapers read

Magazines read

Radio stations tuned in
, etc.
With respect to consumer goods,
what kind of product/how many/at what price

* In July 2022, viewing log data of family members living together became available. Please contact us for details.

How to use the i-SSP (INTAGE Single Source Panel)

Target profiling

Carry out target profiling from their media exposure characteristics in daily life using our wealth of attributes, and logs of their exposure to and their use of television, PCs, and smartphones.

Example: Case of company A dealing with daily commodities

Compared the time of day when category purchasers came into contact with the media and TV programs for which they had a high degree of exposure with target demographic attributes. Used it for review of their media buying budget and time slots.

Profiling of the media

Based on our wealth of psychographic and demographic attributes, it’s possible to carry out media by media profiling of the attributes of persons who have been exposed to specific media such as websites and TV programs. By selecting media that is highly effective in reaching the target, it is possible to realize optimal media planning.

Example: Case of company B dealing with daily commodities

Analyzed the attributes of visitors to websites where they were scheduled to place their ads in relation to different lifestage and demographic attributes. Used it to select the best medium, in relation to the placement of online ads, that was highly effective in reaching their target.

Measurement of Reach

The i-SSP, the industry’s first TV & Internet single source data, allows you to look at the exposure situation to online ads and TV ads (multi-media reach) using the same sample base and using the same indexes. You can check the reach and frequency for each exposure pattern not to mention the differences between online ads and TV ads.

Example: Case of company C dealing with foods

Tracked the reach of TV ads and online ads in the same chronological order. Used this data to determine their media allocation by measuring the effective reach of the respective media and selecting appropriate targets in order to secure an increase of reach in proportion to the increase of online ads.

Measurement of effectiveness

Since we collect the purchase data and media exposure data from the same individuals as the single source data, it’s possible to measure effectiveness based on exposure to online ads and/or TV ads, and actual purchase data. It’s also possible to measure effectiveness by conducting interviews about recognition of the product and purchase plan before and after the campaign to discover how people’s attitudes have changed.

Example: Case of company D dealing with foods

Based on the purchase rate for different media contact patterns, it was confirmed that the number of trials increased for the group that had more frequent exposure to online ads. They checked the attributes of the people in that group and used the results to review their trial targets going forward.

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