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Media Gauge TV

A TV audience measurement service that covers about 720,000 smart TVs and 630,000 video recorders across Japan

Viewing log data is collected from 720,000 smart TVs and 630,000 video recorders across Japan each month. This data can be used for area marketing in each prefecture as well as the planning and buying of TV commercials.

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Characteristics of Media Gauge TV

Fine-grained analysis

We offer analysis for each prefecture and in 15-second units, which is difficult to do with the sample sizes of conventional panel surveys. By comparing this with the meta information* of TV programs and commercials, you will be able to understand details such as the exposure to each commercial and the inflows/outflows for each broadcast scene.

* Separate meta information is necessary. INTAGE can provide this information.


Analysis of time-shifted viewing

Analysis of time-shifted viewing is possible based on viewing logs collected from video recorders.

Adjusted values by prefecture are provided

We estimate the number of viewing TVs in each prefecture from the number of TVs nationwide set as the overall population. This can be used for comparative analysis between areas.


Collaboration with BI tools

Through INTAGE Connect, data can be provided to the BI tools that you already use.

Overview of Media Gauge TV’s measurement methods and viewing log data

Under partnerships with multiple manufacturers, we collect remote control data from smart TVs and video recorders, and then provide viewing log data as shown below.


What is a Smart TV?

Definition of a Smart TV

Smart TVs are conventional TVs with internet functionality. In addition to TV broadcasts such as terrestrial broadcasting and BS/CS satellite broadcasting, users can enjoy on their home TVs video content that has been viewed on PCs and smartphones, such as internet on-demand broadcasts and online videos. In addition, their functionality can be extended by adding applications and they can work with other equipment via home network connections.

Please see below for information about the proliferation of “Smart TVs” whose viewing logs are measured with Media Gauge TV as well as the difference between viewing logs and ratings.

Internet connection rate of Smart TVs

According to the IXT Smart TV Population Survey in March 2018, about one in seven are connected to the internet.


Smart TVs in the future

Of newly purchased TVs, about one in three are connected to the internet, and the number of Smart TVs is growing steadily every year. The ownership rate of Smart TVs is expected to approach the ownership rate of ordinary TVs in the future.


Internet connection rate of newly purchased TVs

Source: Fiscal 2018 "IXT Smart TV Population Survey" results

Smart TV viewing log data and respondent survey

With Smart TVs, it’s possible to collect viewing logs from the equipment. Smart TV viewing log data is a type of “big data.” The following is a comparison with respondent surveys such as ratings, which shows how much a TV program was viewed.

Smart TV viewing log data


  • All Smart TV log data that can be collected
  • Sample size is overwhelmingly large
  • It’s possible to look at detailed data for areas and data on lesser-viewed channels such as BS/CS
  • Data is biased in favor of Smart TV users
  • Individual audience ratings are not available

Respondent survey


  • Sample survey based on random sampling
  • Sample size is limited by cost considerations
  • Survey area/channels are limited
  • Used as data for advertising transactions
  • Individual audience ratings are available

Image of using Media Gauge TV

1. Enables you to look at exposure by prefecture

某ドラマ 接触率


2. For each prefecture, you can look at exposure by region or municipality.


3. Enables you to look at differences between real-time viewing and time-shifted viewing by genre or TV program.


We have started creating a nationwide commercial database

As the first step in creating a nationwide commercial database, INTAGE has begun creating a list of TV commercials as of when they are placed, for TV commercials aired on terrestrial digital broadcasting in all 47 prefectures of Japan.

Characteristics of the list of TV commercials as of when they are placed:

(1) For a specific commercial, it will become possible to create a list of which terrestrial digital broadcasting stations in the 47 prefectures it was aired on, and when it was aired. This will enable you to confirm the status of your company’s and your competitors’ commercial placement by area.

(2) Using purchasing data and sales data (SCI and SRI) provided by INTAGE, you will be able to associate actual sales with actual TV commercial airings easily by linking with the product databases that you already use.

(3) Not only will you be able to see when a commercial was aired, you will be able to combine this with similar-grained (area and time) Media Gauge TV Smart TV viewing logs to visualize indicators such as units exposed (the number of TVs that the commercial aired on) and the times exposed (the number of times a commercial aired on the same TV).

This service is scheduled to begin in October 2018.

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