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Survey Monitor

Mighty Survey Monitors: largest pool of online survey respondents in the industry

“Mighty Monitor” is one of the largest scale online survey monitors in the marketing research industry.
It reflects the market trends because it covers such a wide range of attributes, and is versatile because you can use it according to a specific purpose.
Supporting your marketing activities on the strength of our “mighty (powerful/huge/wonderful)” infrastructure.

Three strengths of the “Mighty Monitor”

Mighty Monitor Access Panel

Multi device monitor

(Number of monitors conform to ISO 20252(JIS Y 20252) that completed at least one research project
or updated their profile data within the last 12 months.)

Point 1


The largest monitor field in the industry

Point 2


High quality data & likely to reflect market trends

Point 3


A variety of services according to the specific purpose

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* The ratio mentioned above is the composition ratio of extractable numbers including our partner panel.

It’s possible to conduct a survey of relevant subjects from the viewpoint of known attributes from the profile data input at the time the person registered as a survey respondent or on the basis of the attribute survey. We update this attribute information regularly.

Basic items Gender, age, marital status, place of residence, etc.
Family makeup Family makeup, number of people in the household, type of residence, etc.
Others Occupation, line of business, licenses held, etc.

Three strengths of the “Mighty Monitor”

1. The largest monitor field in the industry

We realize high-speed marketing and increased accuracy of basic surveys through securing uncommon samples and the fresh rotation of basic surveys, not to mention our capability to handle the collection of large scale samples.

2. High quality data & likely to reflect market trends

“INTAGE Cue Monitor” which mainly consists of PC users and “d-Point Club members” which mainly consist of smartphone users. By integrating these two monitors which have different advantages, we can enhance our coverage of attributes and the likelihood of reflecting market trends resulting in a broader and more versatile monitor framework.

3. Provides a wide range of services according to the specific purpose

We will provide the optimal proposal according to our clients’ specific requirements such as survey content and how quickly it should be conducted, for example, we can use smartphone users to obtain the information required to make a quick decision and opt for PC users for those surveys that require more complicated screen operations.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

Please feel free to contact us. The relevant team member will get in touch with you.

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