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Phox Diver

Deep dive into your photo information easily with demographics and tagging.

Better understand your target consumers and market through combining photos and demographic data.

Have all your photo data in one easy-to-keep service, using either photo information owned by your company or collected through research.

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Features of Phox Diver

Point 1

Managing your photo information by each project unit

It allows you to quickly find the photo information which you want to see.

Point 2

Filter search function

You can check the photo information by your preferred filter information.

Point 3

Easy to organize your photo information with tags and groups

Easily find or check your information.
*Only if user demographics were obtained in project.

Point 4

Accessing Intage's photo information

You can access Intage collected photo information in addition to your own projects.

Point 5

Multi-language search function

It allows you to search for photos in your native language or any other language.

Point 6

Multi-device support

You can access Phox Diver both on your PC as well as on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Main Page

You can check or see photo information by your surveys and set demographic filters.

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2. User profile information page

User's profile and photo information to better understand the targeted consumer.

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Users profile information page image

  • a.
    Download photo.
  • b.
    User demographic data. *Contents will be different based on the survey design.
  • c.
    Photo recognition tags (Google Vision API).
  • d.
    Other photos taken by the same person.
  • e.
    Survey result data.

Additional value to your research

You can use photo information in your own sales materials by just putting one credit in the documents as a reference. Please put "Referenced from Phox Diver (serviced by INTAGE Inc.)" at the bottom of your document.

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Photo Database

Phox : All Photos which are collected by INTAGE's projects in each country.
*Photo & user demographic information

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Select image

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Photo & user demographic information

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Photo Database

Phox Market : All Photos which are collected by INTAGE employees in each country.
*Photo only

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*Photo information can also be viewed on Phox Market via a separate menu. Please contact us for more details.


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