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SCI®(Nationwide Consumer Panel Survey)

The data represents day-to-day shopping information collected on an ongoing basis from 53,600 male and female consumers aged 15-79 all over Japan. As it captures the profile of these consumers in detail, it can be used for consumer-driven brand marketing and in-store promotions.


Using purchase history, a wealth of profile data, and optional research items, you can carry out segmentation, target setting, consider a variety of different approach methods, and also carry out assessments after each implementation.

Category awareness and brand evaluation information which can be provided on the basis of 37 types of demographic attribute data such as gender, age, and occupation, 11 themes of awareness data including outlook on life, nutritional awareness, health consciousness, shopping consciousness, and information sensitivity as well as add-on research
Date and time of shopping
Name of the chain store where shopping was done
What was bought? How many? How much did they pay?
Information on purchase volume and purchase amount for each SKU of as many as 300 items of consumer goods
Product attribute data from a variety of perspectives uniquely collected by INTAGE

The characteristics of SCI (nationwide consumer panel survey)

High data accuracy

Provide stable data from 53,600 people based on strict quality control.

Enables you to carry out a market/store analysis from a variety of perspectives

Enables you to carry out a market analysis or detailed store attribute-based analysis from a variety of perspectives by linking a uniquely established commodity master and store master with the shopping data.

Enables you to carry out single source analysis

Enables you to carry out an analysis by linking shopping data with awareness and behavior as well as single source analysis using i-SSP® (media exposure panel data)

Enables you to carry out an analysis by linking it with a retail store panel

Enables you to get your arms around/assess market trends in a multi-faceted manner from both a retail (SRI+®) and purchase (SCI) point of view.

Survey outline of SCI (nationwide consumer panel survey)

By letting the survey monitor scan the barcode of the purchased product using a mobile device and input information of purchasing channel, purchased amount and number of units on the online survey screen, you can see who bought what, when, where, how many and at what price.

Subjects Nationwide 53,600 people aged 15-79, male and female
Area Nationwide
Number of subjects Plan: 53,600 (from Apr 2022)
Plan: 52,500 (from Apr 2017)
Plan: 50,000 (from Jan. 2012)
Plan: 26,810 (from Apr. to Dec. 2011)
Plan: 20,110 (from Apr. 2010 to Mar. 2011)
Data collection method Online survey (barcode scanning method)
From August 2013, in addition to the conventional PC-based method, we started a smartphone-based survey which supported multiple devices.
Subject categories

Food, beverage, daily miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, cigarettes

  • * Food except for fresh food, prepared food, and lunch boxes
  • * Not only those consumed at home, but also those consumed outside
  • * Only merchandise with a barcode
Survey items Barcode, date of purchase, total amount on receipt, purchasing channel
Purchased amount and number of units (of the commodity which had its barcode scanned)
Additional survey items (for example, beverage temperature range, which would be different depending on the product/purchasing channel/timing, etc.)
Report data Average scale of purchase and purchase rate per 100 persons, scale of purchase per purchaser, market share, etc.
Reporting cycle Monthly, weekly (initial report)
Form of provision Provision tool "iCanvas®," Excel spreadsheet, analysis report, etc.

How to utilize SCI (nationwide consumer panel survey)

Understand the characteristics of the purchasers who purchase your products for the purpose of formulating a target strategy

Enables you to understand the profile of the consumer from a variety of perspectives.

Understand the factors behind a drop in sales of your company’s products to develop future measures

Understand the structure of shopping behavior so that you can put appropriate measures in place to deal with specific factors.

Categorize consumers by purchase behavior, etc. to identify potential segments.

You can determine target values on the basis of the segment’s market scale and your company’s position within that.

Position of your company in each consumer segment

By checking for structural changes in the customer, detect any signs of alarm earlier

By following the structure caused by a behavioral change of the same survey monitor, you can identify the alert.

User structure trends

Optional service: vois

By understanding the awareness of the survey monitor using three methods, shed light on the "profile of the consumer" which lays behind their purchasing behavior.

Three methods

Provided tool, iCanvas

"Anyone can start utilizing marketing data straight away"

iCanvas is the tool we provide which allows you to use the panel data comprehensively (retail store sales data/consumer purchase data). You can analyze the data easily by combining pre-supplied visual templates in accordance with a variety of perspectives/angles without worrying about knowledge of the data, complicated settings or awkward operations.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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