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A service where you can extract a specific person(s) from our consumer panel who meets your conditions on the basis of their purchase history to conduct a questionnaire survey.
This enables you to search for the “reason” and the “values & purchase characteristics” that lie behind the “fact” of the purchase.

Outline of the service By analyzing the “characteristics” of the category users and the brand users from a variety of different angles, it allows you to understand the market and evaluate the brand.
Merits of the method Since this method connects user characteristics with purchase characteristics, you can use it for taking actions towards consumers.
Timing of implementation When you conduct a periodic review of the “market” or “brand”

Characteristics of morevois

Makes it possible to understand and evaluate the users from a variety of different angles.

Since it uses consumer panel data which records “who” bought it, and “when,” and “where” in detail down to the SKU, it’s possible to understand and evaluate the users from a wide range of angles based on information of things and quantities which they “certainly bought.”

By confirming user profiles by extracting those persons who “switched to the competitor’s product” or “purchased the product for the first time after the renewal” on the basis of an “unconscious change of purchasing attitude of the consumer,” it is also possible to carry out an in-depth evaluation of any attitude change.

It’s possible to extract and analyze the user(s) whenever you want to take a look, and from whatever angle you want to take a look

As the respondents’ purchase data is continually accumulated after the survey, by keeping the survey results in stock, it’s possible to extract and analyze the users whenever you want to take a look, and from whatever angle you want to take a look.

Please talk to us if you ever detect a worrying sign as you monitor the data, for example, “your competitor’s new product is performing well”.*.

* There will be a separate data processing cost

How to use morevois

For structuring the market from the consumer’s point of view, developing a strategic base, and so on

By developing your company’s strategic segment based on the needs in each category, the current use and purchase behavior, etc., we provide a comprehensive service from setting and understanding targets to the evaluation of purchase records .

For understanding the shopper, evaluating the chain store’s position, etc.

By categorizing the shoppers based on their values and life stage etc., we help you understand the shoppers and supply chain through the shoppers.

Flow of the survey

We extract those who meet the conditions based on our consumer panel data and send out the questionnaires.








Consumer panel data



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