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You might have many opportunities to confirm the “reason for purchase” from the opinions of your consumers, for example, when you release a new product, when you carry out a promotion, or when you try to re-confirm the brand value.
However, as some categories and products might not be easily recognized or remembered for a long time, you might have a problem in “getting the sort of answers you would like.”

Our “Plus3” survey solves the problem mentioned above. By conducting the survey shortly after the purchase based on the SCI® data transmitted, we make sure that you get to the subjects quickly and collect their fresh and actual opinions.
By collecting the “reason for purchase,” one of the most important indexes, much more precisely, our hope is that it can be used for product evaluations, promotion evaluations, and identifying new brand value.

“Plus3” is a survey which occurs close to the consumers’ “shopping sites.”

The presentation flow of questions when we conduct a “Plus3” for a product

The presentation flow of questions when we conduct a “Plus3” for a product

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. You can also conduct a survey on competing items, not to mention items from your own company.

Yes, you can. You can group items together and conduct a survey by brand or even by manufacturer.

Yes, you can ask an open-ended question. Since the survey is carried out close to the actual shopping site, it is highly rated for collecting fresh and actual opinions.

Yes, you can. This is effective when carried out as part of a promotion at a particular chain store.

Yes, you can. Although certain restrictions apply so as not to interfere with the purchase panel, for example, we are not supposed to give any information which the survey respondent doesn’t know, which can be arranged according to the aim or challenge.

Apart from the questions we ask in our Plus3 package “NP+3 (new product evaluation)” and “PR+3 (in-store promotion evaluation)” as “contact information source (multiple choice),” “reason for purchase (multiple choice)” and “reason for purchase (open-ended question),” in many cases, there are also the following questions:

  • How they came to know about it; we ask, directly, how they came to know about the product
  • In-advance decision; whether they had already made up their mind to buy before they came to the store
  • Timing of use; whether they will use it straight away or keep it in stock
  • Situation of use; in what kind of setting or situation, have they used/are they going to use it
  • Method of use; assuming there are a variety of different ways to use it, in what kind of way, have they used/are they going to use it

* As we ask these questions on the very day of the purchase, with respect to the last two mentioned above, we are basically asking what their “intentions” are

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