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We are building up our database by taking the initiative to conduct an interview survey of our consumer panel survey respondents once a year regarding their concepts of values and lifestyle. By combining a variety of profile information and daily shopping data, we help you to gain a better understanding of the target.


By analyzing consumers from a variety of different angles and understanding their character based on the wealth of profile information, you can utilize it to understand the current situation, identify challenges, and consider policy measures.

Characteristics of the Profiler

A wealth of profile information which lets you see the profile of the consumer

We have developed a wealth of profile information such as values related to life and consumption, consciousness and attitudes of various themes such as food, cooking, health/beautification, the environment, and media exposure, etc.

You can identify the purchase behavior characteristics of the particular consciousness segment you want to target.

By reconstructing the target segment on the basis of our Profiler data, it’s possible to identify the purchase volume and the purchase behavior characteristics.

You can see the background behind any change of purchasing attitude

When there is a change in purchasing, by knowing the characteristics such people have, you can try to identify the background and the reason.

Available anytime without the need for a case-specific survey

As we have a stock of data, it’s possible to use it whenever necessary. We have also prepared standard segments which can capture the characteristics in a simple and straightforward manner.

How to use the Profiler

Capture the profile of those who use your company’s products from various perspectives and share it inside the company

Identify the food and cooking related orientation of the users.

Understand product shopping characteristics of a segment which has particular needs

Identify how products and stores are chosen based on shoppers’ characteristics.

Search for the key words that impress the target segment

Understand the sensitivity of the information and the sense of values of those users who made the switch.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

Please feel free to contact us. The relevant team member will get in touch with you.

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