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SCI Payment

SCI Payment provides payment method information for each purchase in addition to the daily shopping information collected by SCI*.
It supports the planning of marketing measures and verification of the effects of the measures based on data, such as identifying consumer trends in the payment method market.

*SCI is the data representing day-to-day shopping information collected on an ongoing basis from 53,600 male and female consumers aged 15-79 all over Japan.


Information provided by SCI + SCI Payment

Category awareness and brand evaluation information which can be provided on the basis of 37 types of demographic attribute data such as gender, age, and occupation, 11 themes of awareness data including outlook on life, nutritional awareness, health consciousness, shopping consciousness, and information sensitivity as well as add-on research
Date and time of shopping
Name of the chain store where shopping was done
What was bought? How many? How much did they pay?
Information on purchase volume and purchase amount for each SKU of as many as 300 items of consumer goods
Product attribute data from a variety of perspectives uniquely collected by INTAGE
Which payment method?
Payment method is specified such as cash, credit card and others. For electronic money and bar code payments, the name of service used is specified (Suica, WAON, nanaco, PayPay, d Payment, etc.).

Characteristics of SCI Payment

Data on consumers’ payment methods for each purchase

Based on data on payment methods for each purchase collected from a part of SCI participants, you can find which payment methods are used by whom, when, where, and for what. For payment service providers, the data will be resources for developing a strategy to identify their competitors as well as areas and stores where they should develop their franchisees.
Since the data can be tracked in chronological order, you can verify the effects before and after the implementation of measures.

Enables you to link with a wealth of data that captures consumers’ personalities

As consumers' needs and tastes diversify, data specific to a specific industry or category of business is not enough to approach insights such as “Why did they take that action?” or “Why did they make that decision?”
In addition to data on various industries and categories of business, INTAGE has developed data that provides an overview of “livelihood” such as consumer behavior, information contact behavior, and lifestyle awareness and values.
By combining SCI Payment and various types of data, you can capture values and lifestyle of each payment and settlement service users, and the media that campaign participants accessed. Thus, you can get closer to the “Why?” behind consumers' payment behavior.

Image of data linkage

Utilization of SCI Payment

SCI Payment standard report

The trends of your company, market, and competitors can be identified in a report format.
You can track the weekly usage and share of each payment method such as credit card, electronic money, and bar code. Since the trends can be analyzed according to the user attributes and type of business, you can grasp consumer trends in the payment market in detail.

Output examples

Percentage of major electronic money and QR payment and settlement services used per day

Percentage of monthly usage(total)、(By distribution channels)、(By gender and age)

Further understanding of the target’s insights through special analysis and follow-up survey

This service can provide a report according to the analysis axis requested. In addition, vois (online research on survey participants) enables customized survey to address marketing issues and test hypotheses. Please feel free to contact us.

Output examples

Survey method

We collect payment method data on a weekly basis targeting 4,000 people when they input their shopping data.
(Target groups are changed per week to take into account the burden of respondents)

Respondents: A total of 8 groups (A to H) randomly selected from SCI participants
Number of respondents: 4,000 per group
Survey period: 1 week per group
Demographic composition: Based on population
*Respondents of each group are fixed unless participant withdrawal occurs.

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