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see-port® Analysis

POS/ID-POS aggregation/analysis tools

A data processing/analysis tool to deal with huge volumes of retail POS/ID-POS data.
With the ability to identify customer attributes and purchase characteristics, this tool supports the marketing PDCA cycles of the retail business ranging from the selection of goods on the shelf to the formulation of sales promotion campaign plans and measuring effectiveness after the implementation, not to mention auditing the sales performance of the stores.

In addition, you can also use it as a data disclosure service for your manufacturers.

Characteristics and possible ways of using see-port Analysis

A variety of analysis menus and highly capable data processing functions

The basic menu includes highly useful analysis templates (ABCR analysis, trial and repeat analysis, bundle buying analysis, price line analysis, etc.), not to mention grasping daily sales performance. Since it also has cross tabulation function (free analysis) and download function in CSV format, you can use these functions according to the specific purpose.

It is possible to install “consumer segment” in conjunction with Genometrics®

In conjunction with “Genometrics,” a consumer visualization solution, you can carry out an analysis based on consumer segment attributes. Since you can chronologically check the purchase situation for each segment, you can use it to consider and evaluate various measures.

It’s possible to disclose the data to your manufacturers

Since you can use it as a POS/ID-POS data disclosure system for your business partners such as manufacturers and wholesalers using the same platform you use for self-analysis of your own company, you can use it for data linkage with your business partners. We help you by providing tools to operational support, in a comprehensive manner.

The flow of service provision

Standard schedule


Data receiving


Data conversion

Approximately two weeks


Platform installation

Approximately one week


Confirmation by client

From approximately one week


Initial cost: Scaled fee schedule depending on business category and number/scale of the stores

From 400,000yen (tax not included)

Operational cost: Pay-as-you-go system based on data volume (number of stores, number of records, etc.)

Monthly fee450,000yen (tax not included)

* We are happy to give you an individual quote. For further inquiries, please contact our sales representative.

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