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SLI® (Nationwide Female Consumer Panel Survey)

We are collecting the purchase data of beauty and health related personal products for women (cosmetics, hair care products, sanitary products, underwear, supplements, etc.)


We are continually collecting beauty and health related shopping information such as cosmetics, hair care products, and underwear from 40,000 female consumers aged 15-69 nationwide.

The standard 34 kinds of attribute data such as age group, occupation, and skin type as well as 3 categories of consciousness data such as lifestyle values and beautification consciousness
Category consciousness and brand evaluation information that can be provided by way of add-on research
Date of shopping
Store where they shopped
Channels which are difficult to be captured by POS data such as catalog sales and door-to-door sales
What kind of product, how many, at what price
Purchase volume and purchase amount information by SKU concerning 60 beauty and health related consumer products
Product attribute data from a variety of perspectives that INTAGE has collected ourselves

Characteristics of the SLI (Nationwide Female Consumer Panel Survey)

High data accuracy

Provide stable data on approximately 40,000 people on the basis of strict quality control

It’s possible to conduct market analysis/store analysis from a variety of perspectives.

It’s possible to conduct a market analysis from a variety of perspectives and/or an analysis based on detailed store attributes by linking the shopping data with the product database and the store database which we built ourselves.

It’s possible to conduct a single source analysis.

It’s possible not only to conduct an analysis linking the shopping data with consciousness and behavior, but also to conduct a single source analysis with i-SSP®(media exposure panel data) and so on.

It’s possible to conduct an analysis in conjunction with a retail store panel.

It’s possible to capture/evaluate multi-faceted market trends from both a retail store (SRI+®) and a purchase (SLI) point of view.

Outline of the SLI (Nationwide Female Consumer Panel Survey)

By asking our survey respondents to input the purchase channel, volume, amount, etc. of the product they purchased via the online survey screen, you can confirm who bought it, when, where, what they bought, how many of them, and at what price.

* One of the characteristics of SLI is that by giving a product that has no barcode a temporary code, it becomes possible to include a product they bought online or via catalog sales in the processed data.

Survey subjects Women aged 15-69
Area Nationwide (except Okinawa)
Number of subjects Design: 40,060 (since October 2009)
Design: 20,024 (from April to September 2009)
Data collection method Online survey
(Can also handle smartphone)
Subject category Beauty and health related personal products:
Cosmetics, hair care products, sanitary products, underwear, supplements, etc.
Survey items Date of purchase, purchasing channel, purchase amount, and purchase volume
Data to be reported Average scale of purchase per 100 people, purchase rate, scale of purchase per purchaser, market share, etc.
Reporting cycle Monthly
Manner of delivery Delivery tool “iCanvas®,” Excel spreadsheet, analysis report, etc.

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