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SRI+® (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

Retail store sales data collected from approximately 6,000 stores nationwide including supermarkets, convenience stores, home centers/discount stores, drug stores, and specialty stores. SRI+ captures actual sales conditions in stores, so you can use it for brand marketing and/or in-store promotions.


Key Takeaway 1

Since sales data is collected at the SKU level, you can learn when products were sold, how many were sold and at what price, at what kinds of channels and stores they were sold, and the sales volume of each and every item.

Key Takeaway 2

You can gain an understanding of competitive conditions at stores—store coverage, product selection, prices, etc.—and the resulting sales volume.

Key Takeaway 3

Since sales data is linked with a wide range of store attribute data such as store location and market area, you can get a clear picture of what products are being offered and what products are selling well at each type of store.

Characteristics of SRI+ (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

High degree of accuracy

Large sample size and sophisticated estimation methods

  • Sample store data from approximately 6,000 stores nationwide ensures the stable provision of data and acquisition of information on items with low occurrence rates.

  • With sophisticated population configurations (*) using the store master and sophisticated estimation methods using store attributes, market size estimates that reflect market changes can be achieved.
  • A wide range of channels, including supermarkets, convenience stores, home centers, drugstores, liquor stores, pet shops, baby goods stores, and EC (online shopping) , are covered.
  • No. 1 in terms of chain coverage in Japan
*For some channels


Thorough quality control

  • Our extensive experience in operating retail panels is leveraged in the conducting of system checks, as well as data checks by panel supervisors, in order to maintain a high level of data quality.


Detailed information

Store attribute analysis using INTAGE’s own store master

With INTAGE’s independently-built store master, we can conduct market area analyses using information on store location and market area.
Channels: chain supermarkets and chain drugstores



SRI+ data can be linked with various INTAGE and client-owned databases.


Design of SRI+ (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey) survey

Since we are continually collecting daily sales information from approximately 6,000 retail stores nationwide, you can find out what was sold when, where, and at what price.

Channels covered Supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, home centers, specialty stores (pet shops, liquor shops, baby product shops) and EC (online shopping)
Area Nationwide
Number of stores surveyed Approx. 6,000 stores
Data collection method Online collection of POS data
Product categories covered Food, beverages, alcohol, daily sundries, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, tobacco * Only those products in these categories with a barcode
Survey items Sales date, sales value, sales units, etc. by barcode at each store
Reported data Estimated sales value/sales volume, store coverage, market share, sales volume per store, share per store, unit price, etc.
Delivery format Delivery tool “iCanvas®”, Excel spreadsheet, analysis report, etc.
Reporting cycle Monthly, weekly, daily

Applications of SRI+ (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

Tracking market size and share trends

You can track your products’ sales trends in relation to market trends


Factor breakdown

By breaking down sales conditions, you can identity your products’ problem areas and consider appropriate marketing strategies.


Checking the initial performance of new/renewed products

You can assess the performance of your new product side-by-side that of previously-launched products. Daily data can be used to quickly ascertain the launch status.


Preparing proposals for distribution channels

Using fact-based materials that show your company’s contribution to sales, you can make merchandising proposals in accordance with the store’s location, market area, and store size.


Delivery tool iCanvas

“Marketing data applications that anyone can start using right away”

iCanvas is a platform for fully utilizing panel data (retail store sales data/consumer purchase data). As there is no need for data expertise, complicated settings, or troublesome operations, you can easily perform data analysis by freely combining pre-prepared visual templates that accommodate a variety of viewpoints and approaches.


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