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CLT (Central Location Test)

Swift gathering of market feedback

A survey method where you ask the survey subjects to come to the venue where you conduct the questionnaire or interview. Suitable when you want to let them take a look or try out the product before evaluating it, or when you want to conduct a survey which is highly confidential.
INTAGE’s CLT coordinates the venue and the subject precisely and appropriately in tune with the theme, delivering the opinions of consumers and helping you with your decision-making. It’s also possible to provide services more quickly by using our own monitors as well as smartphones/tablet devices.


You can gather suggestions and indications for product development and improvements through the target consumers’ genuine responses when they actually “see,” “touch and use,” and “eat or drink” the product.

Characteristics of the CLT (venue test)

Our own spacious venue where you can also use the mock shelves

It’s possible to obtain a similar evaluation to the one you would get at the time of actual shopping by reproducing the in-store display conditions using mock shelves at our own spacious venue.

Venue at our Akihabara Headquarters

Since it’s a spacious and comfortable space, it’s also suitable for larger exhibition items

Venue at our West Japan Office

We can also cater for CLT at our West Japan Office

* Apart from the above, we have a dedicated CLT (venue test) room in Ikebukuro (operated by INTAGE Research Inc.) in Tokyo metropolitan area. Since it’s located on a busy street, it’s possible to recruit subjects with a variety of different attributes off the street.

Operations based on a wealth of experience

Our experienced investigators reliably control the test conditions. We can deal with a range of operations from those in which a speedy implementation is more important to more complicated and advanced operations.

Coordinate the venue and environment appropriately according to the theme

Since we know the condition of the venue and the traffic in Tokyo very well, we can coordinate the venue and the environment in accordance with the specific theme which allows us to provide high quality data in a short period of time.

How and when you would use the CLT (venue test)

  • We would like them to evaluate the taste of the product we are currently developing in comparison with an existing product
  • We would like them to evaluate the ease of use by actually using and trying the product
  • We would like them to take a look at our new TV advertisement and/or poster and evaluate it
  • We would like to check if our new product or new package has the capability to be picked up and purchased in the store, and so on

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