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INTAGE Shoppers’ View In-Store Interviews

Conduct an interview while the memory is still fresh asking about the easiness of shopping in terms of the sales floor and “why?” in terms of the purchasing behavior.
You can use it to make proposals for “easily bought” products and sales floors from the shopper’s point of view.

INTAGE’s in-store survey service, the “Intage Shoppers’ View” series

How to use the Intage Shoppers’ View storefront questionnaire

Discover the factors that led to the decision to purchase the product in front of the shelf

It’s possible to identify the detailed reasons why they purchased the product. Since it happens immediately after the shopping behavior, you can identify the reasons for purchase while their memory is still fresh.

Find out which product they considered and the reason why they considered it

It’s possible to discover not only the result of the purchase, but also which product they considered and the reason why they considered it. It’s possible to discover more details about their behavior in front of the shelf as well as “why.”

Verify the evaluation of sales promotion materials

It’s possible to find out how well the sales promotion materials located on the actual sales floor were recognized, how they evaluated the materials, and why they resulted in a purchase, and so on.

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