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Koko-Research(Smartphone research based on location information logs)

A service which enables you to extract smartphone users, with their prior approval, who happened to be at a designated location at a designated time based on location information from the mobile phone base station.
This helps you to effectively formulate an advertisement placement plan and/or an event/tourist spot plan and promotion measures.

Characteristics of Koko-research

It’s possible to send a questionnaire to a person who was in a certain area at a certain time

It’s possible to identify differences in consciousness for different behavioral patterns such as those who came to a certain area a certain number of times a week

By combining the Mobile Kukan Toukei* data and the questionnaire results, you can estimate how many of the people who have such and such a consciousness were there

* Mobile Kukan Toukei Service Introduction Site
“Mobile Kukan Toukei” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Outline of the Koko-research Data

Actual survey method Online survey
Device to be used Smartphone (Android / iPhone)
Survey respondent d-Point club members * To smartphone users who have agreed to the agreement with NTT DoCoMo on information use.
Extraction of subjects In addition to location information from the mobile phone base station, screening questions from the questionnaire are also used
Target area and timing
  • To be designated as 500-meter square mesh (“standard area mesh” will be used)
  • Within three months after extraction
Sample size Limited to the number of people who can be extracted under the abovementioned conditions
Actual survey period The start of the actual survey will be after the second day after the subject extraction period
Survey volume We recommend the number of questions should be up to 20 * As this is a smartphone-based online survey, the burden on the target is taken into account
Other In the actual implementation of the survey, compliance with the guidelines provided by DOCOMO Insight Marketing as well as the guidelines for the use of d-Point Club monitors provided by NTT DOCOMO is required.

How to use Koko-research

I would like to know the behavioral characteristics and level of consciousness of the visitors who came to the event, tourist spot, or commercial facility.

I would like to know if they saw the outdoor advertisement at the station or on the street; and, if they did, what they thought about it.

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