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Home Use Test(HUT)

A service where we ask our survey respondents to try a pre-release product for trial or a new product immediately after its release and report their assessment, etc. via an online survey.

Find out about the assessment quickly

Compared with the HUT survey by mail, it’s possible to collect the responses after the trial more quickly

Find out about the targets’ assessments reliably

Since this is an online research survey, the use of a screening survey makes it possible to acquire those targets that are often very difficult to find

Control the response timing

Since this is an online research survey, it’s possible to have such control as “We want you to keep records in the manner of a diary,” “We want you to give us feedback a certain number of days after the start of the trial”

Comprehensive and meticulous support

We provide a one-stop service including sending out and collecting the trial products. It’s possible to put in place finely-tuned control over the whole process from planning and recruiting to actual implementation of the survey and analysis

Value provided

You can identify any areas that need to be improved by getting feedback from the target concerning the pre-release trial product, etc.
In addition, by asking them to use it and compare it with a conventional product or a competing product, you can discover how competitive and acceptable it is.

Flow of the Home Use Test


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