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Postal Survey

Nationwide pool of about 210,000 survey respondents

A research method where you send the survey sheet to the subjects of the survey by post and ask them to fill out the sheet when they have time and send it back to you. Suitable when you want to collect the opinions of people with a wide variety of attributes including elderly people.
Boasting a high collection rate and taking advantage of our company’s own survey respondents, INTAGES’s mail survey lets you conduct surveys with high cost-performance. A wealth of monitor attributes enables us to effectively ensure subjects we need.

Point 1

You can hear opinions from a wide range of age groups including the older generation, whose opinions are not easily obtained using online surveys.

Point 2

You can understand a more accurate picture of the market and themes as a whole where elderly people are expected to be an important target.

Characteristics of the mail survey

A large-scale survey respondents as many as 210,000 people

With 210,000 survey respondents nationwide, we are capable of catering for any survey including large-scale surveys. As our survey respondents cover a wide range of age groups and areas, it’s possible to conduct a survey which reflects the real market situation. In addition, with regards to a particular gender, age group, or areas in which surveys are conducted frequently, we pay particular attention to make sure that we have a larger number of survey respondents available.

A wealth of monitor attributes

With a wealth of attribute information concerning individual survey respondents and households, we can effectively ensure the subjects we want to target. In addition, we try to keep the information fresh by carrying out maintenance on the attribute information as needed.

* As for any conditions which are not included in the registration information, we can recruit the required subjects by conducting a screening survey.

The collection rate is as high as 80% or more

Thanks to our company’s own survey respondents which have a collection rate as high as 80% or more, we can let you conduct a usually expensive mail survey at a very reasonable cost.

Appropriate time you should use the mail survey

  • We would like to know the characteristics of elderly people, how their actual status and level of consciousness differ from other age groups.
  • We would like to conduct a diary survey for one month to discover the actual media exposure situation.
  • We would like them to use and evaluate our new product for two weeks at home while keeping a record.

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