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Remote Interview

Interviews via webcams and smartphones

The remote interview is a type of interview which uses a computer-based WEB camera.
As you don’t have to ask the subject to come to the venue, you can easily conduct an interview even with people who live in remote areas. In addition, by using a smartphone, you can do a virtual tour of the respondent’s home asking them to show you around their place.

Point 1

It’s possible to easily obtain qualitative information which is useful for working out a hypothesis or backing up quantitative data.

Point 2

Since you will become familiar with “real information” from consumers, you can take advantage of it for measures.

Characteristics of the remote interview

(1) Easy to extract “truth” from consumers
  • Respondent will be interviewed at home in a relaxed manner. You can expect to hear their true feelings and opinions.
  • As the interview uses a camera on a smartphone or PC, you can see changes in the expressions of the respondents, compared to an interview held at a venue.
(2) A deep understanding based on respondents’ place of life
  • As respondents can move to the scene where they actually use the target product, such as the kitchen, bathroom to answer to the questions, you can drill down into details.
  • During the interview, you can ask them to demonstrate how to use and consume the target category.
(3) Interview with people living in rural areas and those who have difficulty going out
  • You can interview people living in rural areas or overseas* without burden of time and costs.
    *It is necessary to confirm the system and communication environment beforehand.
  • You can also conduct interviews at multiple locations on the same day.
  • Those who have difficulty coming to the venue, such as mothers with young children, can be respondents.
(4) Easy to share interview content and results within the company
  • As it is not necessary to go to the venue, you will not have to spend time and money on transportation. You can observe the interview from a remote location.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of observers according to the capacity of the venue. By having people from various departments and positions observe the interview, you can extract insights from diverse perspectives and make decisions quickly.

Service Specifications

The standard interview uses a computer-based WEB camera; however, as an option, we also offer a smartphone-based interview.

Length of interview One hour or so for each subject
Number of interviewees Around 1-10 * Only caters for in-depth interviews
Monitor used Cue Monitor®
Implementation timeframe To be conducted two weeks or so after the order

Smartphone-Based Remote Interview (Optional)

Interview with a person who lives in a country area

By switching the device on the respondent-side to a smartphone, it’s possible to conduct the interview while moving around different places such as the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor area.

Flow of service provision

Standard Schedule




SCR/Recruit (WEB)


Confirmation of the Client


Formal request (telephone)


Pre-interview preparation [sending out equipment & checking the connection]


Actual implementation of the remote interview


Delivery of the interview video clip


Delivery of the report

The time between “STEP-2 SCR/Recruit (WEB)” and “STEP-5 Actual implementation of the remote interview”: Approximately two weeks

*The schedule period will be longer than a normal qualitative survey as it is necessary to confirm the connection with the respondents and the observers.

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